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Nepali to English Translation Services


Nepali, also called Nepalese, is an official language in several countries, including Nepal, India, Burma, and Bhutan. About 42 million people speak Nepali, but if companies and organizations want to take their products and services to an international level, they need to make their content, documents, and communications understandable to the world. offers Nepali to English translation services that can help you expand your client base and reach the global market. Get in touch with us now for a free quote.


Why choose for your translation project?


  • offers accurate translation by native English speakers. Their translation output is guaranteed to clearly communicate the original message.


  • Our team of experts can translate a wide range of Nepali documents into English. Our translators are engineers, medical practitioners, writers, editors, legal experts, accountants, and other professionals who bring their specialized skills when translating documents. Whatever your document, we can translate it for you.


  • We offer our services to big and small businesses along with individual clients everywhere in the world at competitive prices. Whether you are from Kathmandu, Janakpur, Pokhara, or Ghorahi or from San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, or Detroit, we can provide you with the Nepali to English translation services you need.


Here is a partial list of the services we offer:


  • Legal translation, including certified translation for birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, transcripts, passport, driver’s licenses, and business permits. We’ll take care of translation for these documents to ensure hassle-free travel or immigration.


  • Academic translation for professors, researchers, and students. This service includes Nepali to English translation of books, reports, articles, survey questionnaires, and research papers.


  • Business translation, including for business plans, financial statements, employee contracts, bank statements, corporate bylaws, and lease or rental agreements. Translation of sales and marketing materials such as brochures, slide presentations, posters, and sales manuals is also included in this category.


  • Technical translation, which includes translating websites, software, network systems, business operations manuals, data sheets, production reports, and safety procedures for manufacturing and industry-specific businesses.


Contact us today for a free translation quote.

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