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English to Navajo Translation Services


The Navajo language (also known as Diné Bizaad) is the most widely spoken indigenous language in the United States. Today, it’s primarily spoken in the American Southwest across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. In particular, Navajo is one of the main languages of the Navajo Nation, and its use is an important part of the Navajo identity.


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Navajo is classified as an Athabaskan language, in the same family as Koyukon in Alaska. In particular, Navajo shares a close kinship with the Apache languages, such as Western Apache and Mescalero Apache. As part of the Athabaskan language family, Navajo has several features not found in European languages, making it difficult to translate into without the right experience.


The Challenges of Translating into Navajo


For decades, linguists have commented on the extremely intricate and complicated grammar of Navajo. Words are often formed from numerous prefixes, root words, and suffixes that might change when put next to each other. Verbs in particular can contain dense information regarding not only the action but also both the subject and the object(s) of a sentence. That often results in entire English sentences to translate single Navajo words. Our team at has the experience and deep familiarity needed to ensure you receive top-quality English to Navajo translations every time.


A Few Types of Material We Can Translate into Navajo


  • Websites. We provide translation for a range of websites, such as educational pages and government portals.

  • Localization. Let us provide you with professionally translated digital materials in Navajo, such as apps and digital interfaces.

  • Surveys. We provide Navajo translation services for government, academic, and commercial surveys.


At, we aim to provide you with English to Navajo translation services that match your needs. Whether you need translation for an audience in Tuba City, Window Rock, or anywhere else, we can deliver accurate and professional results.


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