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English to Swedish Translation Services


Swedish, a language descended from Old East Norse, has around 15 million native and second-language speakers. It holds official language status in both Sweden and Finland as well as in the European Union and Nordic Council. Swedish is also used in Norway and Denmark. As such, Swedish is the most widely spoken North Germanic language, so if you’re looking to take your business to Northern Europe, English to Swedish translation services are a great investment.


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Why choose


A good translator must have ample knowledge of the target language and the cultural norms of its speakers. The Swedes, for example, are egalitarian in nature and are not in the habit of stretching the truth. They also steer clear of displays of power, rank, and emotions. To ensure your translation project brings you or your business value, you need to work with an English to Swedish translator who can translate accurately and directly.


Here at, we understand that software that has minimal understanding of what is appropriate in Swedish, even if it can provide one-to-one equivalents of English words in Swedish. That's why we rely on our expert human translators from Stockholm, Gothenburg and all around Sweden who are keen to catch subtle nuances and find culturally appropriate Swedish words and expressions to convey your meaning. This may mean generating translations on their own or carefully correcting machine-created translations, but either way, we rely on our human translators to deliver quality. Moreover, our group of English to Swedish translators has subject matter expertise in 400+ areas of study, meaning they are familiar with industry terminology in a variety of fields.


Aside from speed and accuracy, we offer convenience. Whether you’re in Uppsala, Linköping, Malmö, Boston, Glasgow, Calgary, or Newcastle, our English to Swedish translation services are at your fingertips.

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Who needs quality English to Swedish translation services?


We provide translation services to the following:


  • Businesspeople. Our reliable translators provide clear and effective translations for English-speaking businesspeople in the service and manufacturing industries, among others. We translate their business proposals, product labels, print ads, user manuals, company websites, and more.


  • Academics. Our meticulous translators assist English-speaking professors and graduate students when preparing their presentations and publications in Swedish. They translate research papers, case studies, journal articles, and other academic works from a wide range of disciplines.


  • Creatives. English-speaking fiction and non-fiction writers can seamlessly reach Swedish readers with the help of our versatile and discerning literary translators. They translate novels, feature articles, and short stories in all genres.


  • Tour operators. Our knowledgeable translators help English-speaking tour operators gain the patronage of more Swedish clients through well-translated company websites, travel brochures, and tourist information leaflets, among others.


Whether your project is laden with business lingo, academic jargon, or creative prose, we can provide quality English to Swedish translation services.


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