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English to Simplified Chinese Translation Services

Simpified Chinese

With a record population of 1.3 billion, China is also the fastest growing economy, with an average annual growth rate of 10% over the past 30 years. China also conducts the second most international trade of any nation, with an active role in manufacturing.


China presents significant business opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. To penetrate the Chinese market, foreign companies need to communicate using a language the Chinese understand. This is where can help. Our professional translators provide English to Simplified Chinese translation services for businesses and individuals.


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Simplified Chinese is one of the written forms of Chinese, used predominantly in Mainland China. It is called “Simplified” because this written form has 30% to 40% less characters and uses fewer strokes. If you plan to do business in Mainland China, this is the type of translation you’ll need.


We offer high-quality translation services for a variety of materials:


  • Travel documents: If you’re traveling to China for business or for leisure, you may need such documents as passports, business letters, trade partner invitation letters, and proof of travel translated into Simplified Chinese.


  • Business documents: If your primary reason for going to China is business, our translators can produce Simplified Chinese versions of documents such as business plans, income statements, annual reports, prospectuses, insurance documents, bank statements, company bylaws, operating agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc. We have also partnered with a legal translation agency to offer translation for legal documents, performed by professional lawyers who know the local immigration, labor, and corporate laws.


  • Human resources documents: A business expanding to China will most likely hire Chinese speakers. Human resources documents including company policy materials, workplace memos, notices, employee contracts, and safety policies need to be in Simplified Chinese to facilitate proper communication with local employees who do not speak English.


  • Website content: There are about 688 million internet users in China, so internet marketers could take advantage of the business opportunities available via e-commerce and social media. We can provide a Simplified Chinese translation of your English website and online advertising materials.’s team of professional Chinese translators comprise researchers, accountants, engineers, and more from various fields, meaning we’re familiar with all types of material.


Whether you’re in New York, Sydney, Toronto, Amsterdam, or Los Angeles, we can provide top-notch English to Simplified Chinese translation services at competitive rates.


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