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English to Tagalog Translation Services


Those seeking to establish a business in the Philippines, share their academic work with Philippine colleagues, or publish material for a Philippine reading audience can benefit from expert English to Tagalog translation services.


​Tagalog (pronounced tɐˈɡaːloɡ), commonly called Filipino, is the national language of the Philippines. One third of the Philippine population speaks it as a first language, particularly those living in Metro Manila and the southern and central parts of Luzon. There are about 57 million Tagalog speakers in the Philippines and more throughout the world in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Canada, the UK, and Guam. In the United States, Tagalog is ranked the fourth most spoken language.


Get a quote now for English to Tagalog translation. provides reliable English to Tagalog translation services for companies looking to establish a business presence in the Philippines. We translate all documents necessary for business operations and B2B and B2C communication as well as for effective communication with Philippine employees.


  • We translate sales and marketing materials such as press releases, product brochures, slide presentations, sales video transcripts, posters or flyers, product labels, and inserts. With the help of our legal translation partner, we also translate legal business documents such as corporate bylaws, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, lease or rental contracts, operating agreements, financial statements, and business plans. We also translate


  •’s team of native Tagalog-speaking translators provide accurate and prompt translation services. Our professional translators are experts in different industries, meaning we will assign a dedicated project manager to your documents, whether in business, engineering, or IT.


  • We also help professors, researchers, and graduate students collaborate with Philippine academic colleagues, providing English to Tagalog translation for journal articles, books, reports, theses, and dissertations.


Our English to Tagalog translation services are available worldwide. Whether you live in Makati, Manila, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, Melbourne, London, or Oxford, you can order translation services today.


Request a translation quote now.

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