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English to Malay Translation Services


Malaysia is a South Asian country with a promising economy. Its development has been fast and steady, with a GDP per capita as high as $15,700, making it a middle-income country.


Foreign companies are often excited to invest in Malaysia because of its good—and growing—domestic demand. The government is encouraging investors in industries such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, and tech.


For a business to succeed in the Malaysian market, it must communicate using the official language, which is Malay. More than 77 million people speak Malay in Malaysia, and about 180 million more speak it all over the world, including people in Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and the southern Philippines. Do you want to market your products and services to Malay speakers globally?


If so, get an English to Malay translation quote.


How can English to Malay translation services help you reach your goals?


  • Translation of business documents such as business plans, permits, financial reports, leases, non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, etc. is necessary for setting up and running a business in Malaysia.


  • Translation of sales and marketing materials such as company portfolios, product catalogs, press releases, slide presentations, product labels and inserts, posters, and other advertising materials will help promote your products and services in a language your target market understands.


  • Translation of technical documents such as user manuals and installation guides provides necessary information to potential customers. We also translate technical documents like workers’ handbooks to help Malay employees understand instructions and perform their duties well.


  • With the help of our legal translation and medical translation partner agencies, respectively, we assign Malay translators who are lawyers or healthcare practitioners to accurately translate specialized documents.


  • Professors, graduate students, and researchers often request translation of academic documents such as books, research reports, journal articles, and conference handouts to help share knowledge and information with the large and growing Malay-speaking academic community.


Our translation services are available worldwide. Whether your organization is in Kuala Lumpur, Seberang Perai, Jakarta, Los Angeles, San Diego, or elsewhere, we can help you. offers competitive pricing for high-quality translated documents delivered in a timely manner.


Get a translation quote now.

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