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English to European Portuguese Translation Services

European Portuguese
One language, multiple varieties

Linguists refer to Portuguese as a language without a single unified standard form. While European and Brazilian Portuguese share the same core grammar and vocabulary, they are distinct varieties with separate writing conventions and stylistic distinctions. These differences are particularly important to consider when you want to capture a Portuguese-speaking audience. For that, you can always rely on

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European Portuguese (also called Lusitanian Portuguese) is a Romance language spoken around the world. It’s related to other Romance languages, such as Spanish, Catalan, and French and is closest to Galician. Although it’s derived from Latin, like all Romance languages, Portuguese has been a distinct language since at least the 1100s and has hundreds of years of written history, starting in Europe and now spanning across the world.


A language across continents


In addition to being the official language of Portugal, Portuguese is the official language of several countries around the world. In particular, the written standard of European Portuguese is used in Angola, Mozambique, and Timor Leste. For a language with such a long history and geographic reach as European Portuguese, it's important that you or your business work with experienced translators to convey your message appropriately.


Some materials we translate into European Portuguese


  • Legal documents. Some documents require translators with a legal background, and we are ready for that, having partnered with a legal translation agency to meet our clients’ needs. We can handle materials such as rental agreements, contracts, patents, and other legal documents.

  • Technical documents. We are familiar with the terminology and writing conventions necessary to translate a wide range of technical documents, including user manuals, installation guides, and product catalogs.

  • Websites. Our team has the necessary linguistic understanding and experience to both translate and localize your website into European Portuguese. We can translate retail websites, online articles, and other web content.


It’s important to make sure you’re using the best translation services to reach your audience. Whether you’re targeting people in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, or London, you can always expect top-quality translation at competitive prices from We’re here to help our clients and make sure your translation matches the specific needs of your project.


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