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English to Korean Translation Services


English to Korean translation is complex, partly because the Korean culture of showing respect for elders and authority is deeply embedded in the language. In Korea, a speaker has to be mindful whether he or she is talking to an elder or a younger sibling, a boss or a colleague, a teacher or a classmate, etc. For this consideration alone, a Korean noun or verb can take on different variations. If you throw gender into the mix, it’s an entirely different story.


And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Further complicating the Korean language are its different counting systems—one to count hours and another for minutes; one for age and another for currency, distance, and dates; one for numbers below 99 and another for those above. Choosing a professional English to Korean translation service is therefore critical.


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Why choose


Here at, we have expert English to Korean translators who have a full grasp of both languages’ intricacies. By using our English to Korean translation services, you are able not only to switch seamlessly to another language but also to localize it according to your target audience. Our knowledgeable professionals also have subject-matter expertise in 400+ areas of study.


What English to Korean translation projects do we handle?


We help English-speaking businesses penetrate South Korea, the world’s eleventh-largest economy. Our meticulous translators provide clearly and effectively translated communications in the form of press releases, product labels and packaging, material safety data sheets (MSDS), operation instructions, and websites, among others. With the help of our legal translation partner agency, we also offer translation for legal documents such as contracts and agreements.


In the literary world, we provide English to Korean translation services to fiction and non-fiction writers. Given that Korean is the twelfth most spoken native language in the world and that the country boasts a high literacy rate, having your work translated into Korean greatly increases your prospective reading audience. Our creative translators handle all genres. They also translate textbooks in all fields of study.


Whether your project requires business knowledge, technical jargon, academic terminology, creative prose, or layman’s terms, our professional English to Korean translators can provide invaluable support.


How can you get our translation services?


Are you eyeing the business scene in Seoul, Busan, or Incheon or looking for a way to make your work available to the Korean communities in Sacramento, Ottawa, Birmingham, or Perth? We’ll lend you our expertise wherever you are, worldwide, and we also offer competitive rates.


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