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Asia is truly a labyrinth of languages. The massive continent houses more than 2,300 unique languages, with certain areas considered hotspots of linguistic diversity. For example, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia have the most languages of all countries in the world, and hundreds of languages also dot the landscape of Southeast Asia. But South Asia is another region brimming with linguistic diversity—so much so that language classification starts to get pretty tricky. Hundreds of different languages are spoken all across countries like India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, with no one language dominating the respective populations. Rather, minority languages, like Gujari, shine.

With 1.7 million native speakers, Gujari isn’t the biggest language in the world—but it certainly isn’t the smallest, either. As a transnational minority language, Gujari is easily overshadowed by bigger languages, like Hindi, Urdu, and Dari, but the proud tongue perseveres nonetheless, aided by its rich literary tradition, both historical and contemporary. In particular, Gujari is renowned for its vast inventory of folk songs. But that still isn’t enough to prompt most translation agencies to serve the language, and Gujari translation services remain difficult to come by. So, we at decided to build our own Gujari translation team.

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So, what exactly is Gujari, anyway?

Gujari is an Indo–Aryan language native to northwestern India, as well as parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. In India, most Gujari speakers reside in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the state of Himachal Pradesh, with Jammu and Kashmir even recognizing Gujari as an official language. Around 1.3 million Gujari speakers call India home. Another 400,000 or so live in Pakistani, in the regions of Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Rawalpindi, and an additional 15,000-odd Gujari speakers live scattered throughout Afghanistan.

Many ethnic Gujjars have switched to the dominant language of their area, such as Rajasthani. In fact, Gujari is sometimes considered a dialect of Rajasthani, as it’s classified in the Rajasthani grouping of Indo–Aryan languages. In line with many other languages native to northern India, Gujari features two grammatical genders and three noun cases, which are marked by nominal inflection. Verbs, too, undergo inflection for person, tense, aspect, and mood. Gujari sometimes uses nominative–accusative alignment, where the verb agrees with the subject, but sometimes it uses ergative–absolutive alignment, where the verb agrees with the object—this feature is shared by many other northern Indian languages, including Hindi.

Gujari translation services for all occasions

We strive to be your go-to source for all your Gujari translation needs—whether you hail from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or anywhere else in our vast, multilingual world. All our Gujari translations are carefully hand-crafted with care and dedication, informed by the extensive experience of our native-speaking Gujari translators. Even though their language is often overlooked, our Gujari translators are proud of their native tongue and are eager to help clients around the world break down the language barrier, whether that means translating into Gujari or from it.

Not only do we cater to different dialects of Gujari, with translators from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan alike, but we also accommodate the diverse needs of clients from different walks of life. This includes business leaders, researchers, academics, marketers, authors, bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs, software developers, language activists, educators, and more. Since our team is comprised of Gujari translation experts with experience in different specializations, it’s easy for us to navigate the challenges of different areas of Gujari translation. And yes, that includes technical vocabulary—even if your text is esoteric and dense, we have subject-matter experts from various fields on our team, allowing for carefully tailored translations of even technical jargon.

Passion defines our Gujari translation team, who work tirelessly for all sorts of clients. Become one of our valued clients today—message us with the details of your project!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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