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Urdu to English Translation Services


We recognize the importance of accurate translation. Whether you need business documents, contracts, academic papers, or any other text translated from Urdu to English, our team guarantees high-quality, accurate translation within a quick turnaround time.


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Why do you need Urdu to English translation?

Though Urdu is spoken by 100 million people worldwide, English has the potential to attract a much larger audience, with a global speaking population of 1.5 billion.


  • Urdu businesses wanting to penetrate new markets can save on costs by translating their current marketing materials into English rather than creating new materials from scratch. We also offer translation for legal material such as deeds, property titles, and contracts.


  • Academics rely on our team to translate their journal articles, research papers, and manuscripts with care, ensuring the English versions present the original ideas and findings clearly.


  • For authors, we understand that literary manuscripts are vulnerable to losing their essence when mistranslated. We aim to deliver an English version of the text that preserves the tone and writing style of the original.

We offer competitive rates to those looking to translate their documents from Urdu to English. Learn more about our translation services and get a free quote now.


The challenges of translating Urdu to English


  • Urdu nouns have either masculine or feminine gender. The language also uses formal and informal verb forms.


  • Urdu speakers practice Adab, which means politeness. Many words emphasize civility and respect, especially in conversations with seniors.


  • Urdu is a language of poets. Literature and poetry in Urdu are known to convey hidden meanings, which require a delicate approach during translation.


Our Urdu to English translators are skilled and experienced in providing high-quality translated text. Unlike amateurs and cheap translation software, our team knows how to handle the above challenges. We understand how valuable accurate translations are to your business or personal venture, and our team always works hard to give the best results.


Whether you are from Karachi, Hyderabad, Doha, Dubai, or elsewhere, our team is here to serve you. We work with clients across the world, from a wide range of industries, and we have experts on staff who can handle even the most specialized projects.

For an Urdu to English translation quote, contact us today.

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