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Surigaonon Is the Latest Addition to Our Translation Services

The Philippines isn’t the most linguistically diverse nation in the world—in fact, its neighbors Papua New Guinea and Indonesia claim that title. But if you’re from a country that mostly only speaks one language, it might be hard to wrap your head around just how many languages are commonplace in this vibrant Southeast Asian archipelagic nation. Yes, Tagalog and English are designated as national-level lingua francas, but only a quarter of the population speaks Tagalog natively. Most Filipinos are divided among the country’s 180-odd other languages, such as Surigaonon.

Around half a million people are native speakers of Surigaonon, so while it’s certainly not the biggest language in the Philippines, it’s also far from the smallest. The language boasts an important presence in the region it’s indigenous to, constituting the main day-to-day language for most speakers. But that doesn’t mean Surigaonon isn’t threatened. Cebuano, the second-biggest native language in the Philippines, threatens to encroach on native Surigaonon-speaking territory, and already, many Surigaonon speakers learn Tagalog and English for education, business, administration, and more. This leaves Surigaonon with a dearth of translation services—and that’s something that we here at are attempting to address with our new Surigaonon translation team.

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Taking a closer look at the Surigaonon language

Surigaonon may not have much of a presence on the world stage, but it’s important in its little corner of the world: specifically, the northeastern of the major southern Filipino island of Mindanao, specifically in the provinces of Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur. Some areas of neighboring provinces, such as the Dinagat Islands, Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, and Davao Oriental, also house Surigaonon-speaking communities. Surigaonon, an Austronesian language like most others in the Philippines, is closely related to Tausug and Butuanon, although it’s incorporated considerable influence from Cebuano.

Surigaonon comes in two primary varieties: Tandaganon and Surigaonon proper. Surigaonon proper is concentrated in Surigao del Norte and comprises the bulk of Surigaonon speakers (around 400,000 people), while Tandaganon is used in Surigao del Sur by roughly 100,000 people. Mutual intelligibility between the two dialects is high, with speakers able to maintain a flowing conversation each using their respective variants. Tandaganon sometimes is classified as a separate language, but generally, it’s considered the southern variety of the Surigaonon language.

Flexible Surigaonon translation services you can count on

We want to make sure you’re getting the best Surigaonon translation services possible, so we’ve searched far and wide across Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur, and other parts of Mindanao to bring you the leading translation talent in the Surigaonon-speaking world. Our translators bring not only their refined skills and diverse expertise to our team but also a burning passion for the Surigaonon language, which they’ve grown up with as native speakers. Featuring translators of both Surigaonon proper and Tandaganon, our team is equipped to translate texts both to and from this prominent Austronesian language.

We pride ourselves on providing dialectical diversity in our Surigaonon translation services, but our flexibility runs deeper than that. We’re also equipped to translate texts from a wide range of domains and disciplines, with our team of subject-matter experts in various areas easily able to navigate technical jargon or esoteric terminology. Our Surigaonon translators have honed their skills in specific areas of translation specialization, such as business translation, academic translation, literary translation, and localization, so we can deliver the precise type of translation you need, no matter who you are. Whether you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, academic, researcher, novelist, poet, software developer, blogger, or anyone else with a message, our Surigaonon translation team is here to help you break down the language barrier between Surigaonon and English.

Let our team of Surigaonon translation experts show you the power of Surigaonon translation. To get started, all you have to do is shoot us a message.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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