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Tausug to English Translation Services


English is the most widely spoken language today as well as the most widely used second language. Therefore, making your project available in English means making it available to the largest audience possible. If you’re interested in bringing your message worldwide, using high-quality Tausug to English translation services is crucial. The team at has the right experience to help you reach your target audiences.


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As with all Central Philippine languages, such as Hiligaynon and Bikol, the structure and agglutinative morphology of Tausug can make it difficult to translate faithfully into English. Additionally, the lexical stock of Tausug requires practiced expertise to translate. Unlike most other languages in the Philippines, Tausug features a large collection of loanwords from Malay and Arabic. These borrowed words carry specific feelings and connotations that can be difficult to translate accurately into English. However, our translation team is ready to take on the challenge. We work with Tausug materials in both the Latin and the Arabic script.



Materials We Translate from Tausug to English


  • Literary and cultural material. Tausug has an elaborate tradition of storytelling that dates back centuries. Our team translates Tausug literary and cultural materials including regional poetic forms such as the tarasul and kissa.


  • Religious texts. Our translators also work with religious and spiritual texts written in Tausug. We have the experience necessary to provide accurate translations for prayers, hymns, religious commentary, and more.


  • Historical documents. We work with academics and researchers to translate historical texts directly from Tausug for a variety of projects.


We can support you and your project whether you’re based in Jolo, Patikul, Zamboanga City, or anywhere else. Our translators work with clients around the globe to ensure their work reaches a wide readership.


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