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Please Welcome Our New Sidama Translation Services Team

Did you know that more than 90 distinct languages are spoken indigenously in Ethiopia? This vibrant nation in the Horn of Africa is a hotspot for ethnolinguistic diversity, with each region practicing its own culture and speaking its own language. English is used as the country’s lingua franca to bind together the diverse ethnolinguistic peoples and ensure smooth communication throughout the land, but no one indigenous language is dominant—the largest, Oromo and Amharic, account only for 33% and 29% of the population, respectively. That means Sidama, representing about 4% of the Ethiopian population, is a relatively important and influential language.

With about 3 million speakers, Sidama ranks as the fourth-most widely spoken indigenous language in Ethiopia, behind Oromo, Amharic, Somali, and Tigrinya. Some people may also call the tongue Sidaamu Afoo, the language’s native name for itself. It’s spoken in southern Ethiopia—more specifically, in the regional state of Sidama Region, where more than 93% of inhabitants are ethnically Sidama, giving the language considerable prestige in the local area. But despite that, very few translation services cater to this Ethiopian language, preferring to work with the bigger languages, like Oromo, Amharic, and Somali. Here at, we’re proud to serve Sidama alongside the other, more widely spoken languages.

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Let’s dive a bit deeper into the Sidama language.

Though more than 90 indigenous languages are spoken in Ethiopia, most come from the same language family: Afroasiatic. This expansive family stretches over North Africa and the Middle East, with the biggest and best-known Afroasiatic language being Arabic. Most Ethiopian languages populate one of two branches: Semitic, the same branch as Arabic, or Cushitic. Sidama comes from the Cushitic branch and is closely related to nearby languages such as Alaba-K’abeena, Kambaata, and Hadiyya.

Until 1993, Sidama was written in a native Ethopian script, but today it’s written in the Latin alphabet. The language adopts a subject-object-verb word order and is characterized by a pervasive grammatical gender system, with even first-person pronouns encoding the gender of the speaker. Sidama sentences can incorporate a great deal of nuance by appending a negation clitic to just about any word, which provides an easy way to negate a particular element—this would generally require a restructuring of the sentence in English. Such stark differences can make the translation of Sidama difficult, but don’t worry—our translators are well trained.

Overcoming the linguistic difficulties to provide top-notch Sidama translation services

Translating between Sidama and English is not easy, as suggested above, but we’ve carefully selected the topmost translators in the Sidama Region—experienced and passionate Sidama translators who love their language and want to help bridge the communication gap. We’re dedicated to providing a wide range of reliable translation services, including translation both to and from Sidama, to cover as many clients’ needs as possible.

This also means providing specialized Sidama translation services for different domains, including business, academia, and literature. A translation of your business and marketing materials into Sidama can do wonders to ease your move into southern Ethiopia and help you connect with the local populace, and a translation of such documents from Sidama is essential if you’re a local business looking to branch out to other countries. Any academics who’d like to conduct research in the vibrant area of Sidama Region may find they need to translate their surveys and other materials into Sidama to communicate with the locals, which we’d be happy to help with. And, of course, we’re also here to translate entertainment content—everything from traditional Sidama folktales and contemporary novels to practice mobile apps and exciting video games, we can translate both to and from Sidama.

For the best Sidama translation services on the web, reach out to our team today!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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