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Amharic to English Translation Services


According to recent estimates, there are more than 1.5 billion English speakers worldwide. English is the primary language for international commerce and academia, and while the origins of this international prominence are rooted in the once expansive British Empire, English is now the language of international banking and business, of the internet, of academic professionals, and of science and technology.


Amharic has around 21 million speakers—a significant number, but the reach of Amharic is dramatically less than that of English. Business owners seeking to establish connections outside Ethiopia and other Amharic-speaking regions need to adapt to the international market and present their products and services in the global language, so whether you’re looking for Amharic to English translation services for educational, business, or travel purposes, look no more.


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Who might need our Amharic to English translation services?


  • Academic professionals: We translate all kinds of case studies, dissertations, theses, journal articles, and much more.



  • Companies: If your goal is to find new clients in English countries, we’ll help you achieve it by translating all kinds of business documents: business plans, annual reports, marketing documents, websites, presentations, etc. has a professional translation team made of native language specialists. With our experienced team and numerous satisfied clients around the globe, we’re a trusted leading provider of Amharic to English translation.


Our affordable Amharic to English translation services are professional and highly accurate. has the most reasonable quotes you’ll find online, and we offer our translation services in cities across the world, including Addis Ababa, Mek’ele, Dire Dawa, Nazret, and Bahir Dar.


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