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Making Awadhi Translation Services More Accessible With Our New Team

The biggest native language in India is Hindi—by a huge margin. In fact, Hindi’s name is derived from the word for India, essentially meaning “the language of India.” Hindi is the world’s fifth-biggest native language, and with its status as a lingua franca in northern India, it’s also amassed a huge collection of second-language speakers. But there’s so much more to India’s linguistic landscape than just Hindi. For one thing, hundreds of millions of people in the southern and eastern parts of the country don’t speak Hindi at all. And for another, many tongues classified as distinct languages by linguists are considered Hindi dialects by the Indian government.

That’s the case with Awadhi—the Indian government officially calls it Hindi, but linguists classify it as a distinct language. Many Awadhi speakers also oppose their language being lumped in with Hindi, as it not only glosses over major differences between the languages but also strips the Awadhi people of their unique cultural identity. Awadhi children are educated in Modern Standard Hindi, not their native Awadhi, and Awadhi literature is officially categorized as Hindi literature. The uncertain status of Awadhi not only makes it difficult to ascertain the number of speakers—it’s at least 4 million but likely significantly higher—but also limits the language’s access to translation services.

We at are dedicated to providing high-quality translation services for Hindi and Awadhi. If you’d like to see a quote for our specific Awadhi translation services, feel free to reach out and ask!

What makes Awadhi different from Hindi?

Awadhi speakers live in northern India, specifically in the northeastern portion of Uttar Pradesh, with the speaker community extending into neighboring Nepal, whose census indicates around 500,000 speakers of the language. The language traces its origins back to the Indo–European proto language from which English is also derived, and it’s indeed extremely similar to Hindi, largely exhibiting mutual intelligibility. But there are also a variety of differences that distinguish Awadhi as a separate language.

Awadhi’s gender system is less rigorous than Hindi’s and is showing signs of erosion, like in Bihari, a collection of closely related languages, including Bhojpuri, Maithili, and Magahi. Several postpositions in Awadhi and Hindi differ in pronunciation and spelling, as do pronouns. Hindi typically employs short nouns in its sentences, whereas the Bihari languages prefer longer nouns, and Awadhi falls in the middle, with short and long nouns both common.

We’re passionate about translating Awadhi.

We want to make sure Awadhi gets the attention it deserves and isn’t overshadowed by Hindi. We also know that many people from across Uttar Pradesh, India more generally, and even all around the world want access to dedicated Awadhi translation services, and its muddled status can make that difficult. So, we worked hard to scout out the best Awadhi translators we could find in India and Nepal, and we’re proud to present them to you on our brand-new Awadhi translation team.

Our translators come to us from a wide range of backgrounds, but they’re all united by their love for the Awadhi language, which they proudly distinguish from Hindi. Some of our translators are better at translating from English to Awadhi, while others prefer to translate from Awadhi to English—we’re proud to translate in both directions! But the diversity of our translation team doesn’t stop there—our translators represent a wide range of translation areas, from business and academia to literature and localization. So, whether you’re a CEO, business leader, professor, researcher, student, novelist, poet, software developer, blogger, language activist, or anyone else, you can count on our Awadhi translation team to deliver the high-quality translation services you need specifically for the Awadhi language.

Let us translate to and from Awadhi for you! Get in touch today with the details of your Awadhi translation project to get started.

Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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