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It’s Time to Introduce Our Digo Translation Services

Although Swahili is a widely used lingua franca in East Africa nations like Kenya and Tanzania, it’s by no means the only language in the region. In fact, the reason that countries like Kenya and Tanzania need a lingua franca in the first place is their incredible linguistic diversity, with Kenya boasting more than 65 native languages and Tanzania more than 100. While it’s often necessary to learn the national lingua franca for education, administration, and media purposes, people all over Kenya and Tanzania speak their native languages in their local communities—and one such language is Digo.

Digo is the first language of more than 580,000 people, with most of the ethnic Digo population estimated to speak the language natively. However, the vast majority of Digo adults are also presumed to speak Swahili, the lingua franca in the region. The ubiquity and prestige of Swahili makes it difficult for Digo to thrive and to grow its influence in the area. For this reason, translation companies rarely offer translation services for Digo, but at, we’re different: we’re happy to present our new Digo translation services.

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Digo: a proud East African language closely related to Swahili

The Digo ethnic group is split between southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, although Kenya accounts for a larger share of the community. In Kenya, Digo speakers primarily inhabit the districts of Mombasa and Kwale, while in Tanzania, they live mostly in the Muheza and Tanga districts. The language features a number of dialects, particularly Chinondo (Northern Digo), Ungu (Southern Digo), Ts’imba, and Tsw’aka. The language falls into the Mijikenda language cluster spoken mostly along the Kenyan coast, bearing a close relation to Swahili, from which Digo has borrowed much vocabulary.

Like Swahili and most other languages in the region, Digo belongs to the Bantu subfamily, a huge language grouping within the massive Niger–Congo language family. Bantu languages are most famous for their vast noun class system, which is similar to the grammatical gender in languages like French or Russian, just with many more genders. The presence of these noun classes is pervasive throughout Digo and its fellow Bantu languages, with markers required on nouns, verbs, adjectives, and demonstratives, possessives alike. While this helps reduce ambiguity, it certainly increases Digo’s grammatical complexity—but if you hire the native-speaking Digo translators on our team, you don’t have to worry about Digo’s complicated grammar.

We provide Digo translation services to clients of all kinds.

There are many reasons one may require Digo translation services, whether it’s from English to Digo or from Digo to English. At, we want to help regardless of what your Digo translation project is. To this end, we diligently scoured the Mombasa and Kwale districts of Kenya and the Muheza and Tanga districts of Tanzania to bring you a well-rounded team of Digo translators from all across the Digo-speaking world. Our translators, passionate about their craft, represent the various dialects that make up the Digo-speaking community and are skilled in different areas of translation.

If you’re interested in academic translation services, allow our team of academic translation specialists carefully pore over your research survey, interview transcripts, journal article, or other academic work to ensure an accurate translation, no matter the discipline. If you’re looking for business translation, you can rely on our Digo business translation team for pinpoint translations of your business plans, financial reports, employment contracts, white papers, commercial scripts, website copy, and more. If you’re seeking literary translation services, just turn to our literary translators, who can transform your book, poem, short story, movie, game, app, or other creative content to or from Digo to wow a whole new audience. Whatever you need, our Digo translators are here!

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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