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If You Want Senthang Translation Services, We Now Offer Them!

The linguistic landscape of the world isn’t quite as simple as Europe, with its linguistic boundaries generally cleanly demarcated by national borders, may make it seem. The 7,000-odd languages spoken across the globe are concentrated in a few particular orders, and one hotspot is South and Southeast Asia. Countries in this region are brimming with minority languages that are still spoken vigorously—languages like Senthang.

Senthang, alternatively called Sethang Chin, is spoken by around 33,000 native speakers, at least as of 2007. Since minority languages like Senthang often lack precise data, it’s difficult to ascertain the precise number of speakers. Senthang is spoken widely by its ethnic group, but it’s surrounded by other, similar languages—many of which have more speakers—which may pose a threat to the proud indigenous language. Reliable translation services for Senthang are few and far between, but that’s what we at want to remedy: we’ve just launched our own Senthang translation team.

You can easily check out a free quote for our Senthang translation services—all you have to do is ask!

Digging deeper into the profile of Senthang

Senthang is one of the 100 or so languages native to the highly diverse country of Myanmar, located in the northwestern portion of Southeast Asia. Specifically, Senthang speakers are tucked away in the northern portion of the country, surrounded by dozens of other minority languages. Senthang is classified as a Kuki-Chin language, from which Myanmar’s northwestern Chin State derives its name, and while it’s indeed spoken in Chin State, the majority of Senthang-speaking villages are found in Magway Region, with an additional couple in Sagaing Region. Zooming in further, the following villages speak Senthang:

Buanlung, Bungluah, Bungzung, Chawncum, Cintlang, Dongva, Dumva, Hausen, Keizuan, Khuapi, Langpho, Leium, Lichia, Lunghau, Lungrang, Lungtar, Phaipha, Phaizawng, Sakta, Sumsi, Surkhua, Zathal, Lungkhin, Dinlaupa, Leipi.

Senthang is one of dozens of Chin languages in the region, competing against much bigger languages like Hakha, Mizo, Mara, and Falam. Zooming out, Senthang is also related to Burmese, Tibetan, and Mandarin, but the relation is far too distant to be recognizable. There are several recognized dialects of Senthang, namely Surkhua (Lungrang), Sumsi, Sakta, Central Senthang (Bungzung, Khuapi, Lei-Um, Phaipha), and Sonse, with a lexical similarity of 79% to 95%—meaning not all Senthang dialects are perfectly mutually intelligible. The complex nature of Senthang can make it a tricky language to translate, but luckily, our translators are native speakers passionate about translating their language.

We make your Senthang translation the way you want.

We’re dedicated to delivering your Senthang translation the way you want it. That’s why we’ve built the most robust team we could given the small size of the language, with translators hailing from Magway Region, Chin State, and Sagaing Region alike. Our Senthang team consists of native speakers representing various dialects, so if you’d like to request a translator who speaks a particular dialect or who’s from a specific village, feel free—although we can’t guarantee that we can fulfill niche requests. Our Senthang translation services are available for both Senthang-to-English translation and English-to-Senthang translation, so we’re confident we can help you with your project.

For clients who have more specialized translation needs, we have you covered, too. Although we have a limited speaker community to work with, we’ve done our best to hire Senthang translators with experience in areas like academic translation, business translation, and literary translation, so whether you’re looking to disseminate a research survey to locals, cater your organization’s marketing to Senthang speakers, or share literary works between the English- and Senthang-speaking worlds, our team can help. If you have any other special requests, just ask—while we can’t make any guarantees, we’ll always try our best to accommodate you.

Why not reach out to our team today to place your first Senthang translation order?


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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