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Debuting Our New Falam Translation Services

Myanmar is a country of remarkable diversity, with its population of roughly 57 million people comprising more than 100 different ethnolinguistic groups across the region, with Myanmar’s many languages spanning six different language families. The biggest—and official—language of the Southeast Asian country is Burmese, spoken by more than half of the country as a first language and learned by several million more as a second language. But minority languages like Falam are still important in the country—even if translation services for them are scarce.

With around 107,000 native speakers, Falam is a relatively small language, but it’s still big enough that it boasts a healthy and vigorous community of speakers. Unfortunately, Falam is threatened by Burmese, which is used for interethnic communication throughout Myanmar, which has led to a dearth of resources and translation services for Falam. Here at, we care about providing access to translation services for minority languages like Falam—so we’ve launched our own Falam translation team.

If you want to see a free quote for our Falam translation services, it’s as simple as sending us a message.

So, what is Falam like, anyway?

Falam is one of the many languages spoken in Myanmar’s northwestern Chin State, specifically in the township of Falam. Some speakers of Chin also reside in neighboring India, specifically the state of Mizoram. It’s one of numerous languages in the Kuki-Chin grouping of the Sino–Tibetan language family, making it related to both Burmese and Mandarin, but it’s most closely related to the other 50 or so Kuki-Chin languages, especially Hakha Chin. Indeed, Falam may also be called Falam Chin, making its status as a Chin language clear, although it may also go by the alternative name Lai, not to be confused with the Pawi language cluster, of which Falam is a part.

Falam is considered to have four main dialects, including Tlaisun, Laizo, Zahao, Khualsim, Rupini, Koloi, Chorei, Zanniat, Tapong, Sim, Lente, Torr, and Ngawn. The largest of the dialects is Laizo, and in fact, the whole language was historically called Laizo, with the name eventually being changed to Falam to avoid confusion with the dialect. Some Falam dialects have relatively low mutual intelligibility, to the point that they may be considered separate languages. Falam is not an easy language to translate to and from, but fortunately, our translators are native speakers of the language, so you can always count on them for high-quality Falam translations.

Ready to take advantage of our Falam translation services?

We’re here to help you with your Falam translation projects—no matter what they might be. Though translation services for Falam are rare, we’re committed to quality in every translation we deliver—whether it’s in the Laizo, Zahao, Tlaisun, Sim, Zanniat, Rupini, Koloi, Lente, Tapong, Torr, Zanniat, Khualsim, Chorei, or Ngawn dialect. Whichever dialect you seek, our Falam translators are native speakers of the language and can happily provide translation services both to and from Falam, offering a wide range of possibilities for clients all across Myanmar and the world.

For anyone looking for more specific types of translation services, don’t fret. Although our Falam team is relatively small, since it’s a minority language, we’ve hired a diverse selection of native-speaking translators who have experience in different types of translation services. That means we can cater to the academic translation needs of researchers, professors, and students; the business translation needs of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and marketers; the literary translation needs of novelists, poets, and other writers; and the localization needs of software, app, and game developers. If you have any questions or requests, just reach out—we’re here to help!

Our Falam translators are eager to help you. You can get started now by reaching out and placing an order for Falam translation services.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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