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Eastern Ojibwe: A New Language We’re Proud to Provide Translation Services For

Bilingual Canada is famous for according dual official status to English and French, with the two languages afforded equality under the law. All over the country, government services must be offered in both languages, and product packaging will generally feature both tongues. With such a singular focus on English and French, however, it can be easy to forget the other dozens of languages spoken indigenously in Canada. Indeed, Canada is counted as having nearly 100 established (non-immigrant) languages within its borders, and one important one, spoken in the land long before English and French, is Ojibwe.

Most indigenous languages in the US and Canada are severely endangered, which means that even with just an estimated 50,000 speakers, Ojibwe ranks as one of the biggest indigenous languages in the two countries (only Navajo, Cree, and Inuktitut boast more speakers). However, Ojibwe is somewhat of a dialect continuum, perhaps better classified as a language cluster than a single language, with no one dialect standing out as the standardized or prestige variant. Today, we’re focusing on Eastern Ojibwe, one of the biggest dialects of the prominent Ojibwe language, with around 25,000 speakers. We’re proud to provide translation services for this specific variant, even as most translation companies overlook Ojibwe entirely.

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Eastern Ojibwe: an important dialect in a major Canadian indigenous language

The Ojibwe language stretches from the easternmost areas of Ontario all the way to Alberta and even Oklahoma, with a focus on Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Eastern Ojibwe, alternatively called Ojibway or Ojibwa, is found in the eastern part of the dialect continuum, between Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay. Communities that speak Eastern Ojibwe include Rama and Curve Lake.

Eastern Ojibwe comes from the Algonquian language family, like Cree and many other languages in this part of North America. Eastern Ojibwe (and other Algonquian languages) is notorious for its incredible grammatical complexity, with an extreme level of morphological inflection rendering it a polysynthetic language. The language grammatically distinguishes between animate and animate nouns, includes a fourth-person pronoun to distinguish between two third-person referents, and has multiple words for “we” depending on whether the listener is included in the “we.” Eastern Ojibwe’s complex grammatical markings mean word order can be somewhat free, but the preferred orders are verb-object-subject and verb-subject-object.

Our Eastern Ojibwe translators are always ready to help.

Unfortunately, Eastern Ojibwe is seriously endangered, but the tenacity of its speakers provide hope for the continued prosperity of this beautiful and unique language. We’ve sourced our Eastern Ojibwe translators from across Ontario, and what they all have in common is a love for Eastern Ojibwe, their mother tongue. They’re excited to help people from other parts of Ontario, Canada, the US, and all over the world connect with their people through English to Eastern Ojibwe translation services, as well as aid fellow Eastern Ojibwe speakers in getting their message out into the world with Eastern Ojibwe to English translation services.

Since your reasons for needing Eastern Ojibwe translation services may differ dramatically from another client’s, we’ve done our best to build a maximally flexible team capable of translating many different types of projects. For example, if you lead an organization that you’d like to cater to the Eastern Ojibwe-speaking community, we can help—or, if you’re interested in translating educational materials into Eastern Ojibwe and using them to teach native kids in their ancestral language, we’d love to support you. Anyone looking to share traditional Eastern Ojibwe stories and tales can turn to us for translation help into English. Conversely, if you’re aiming to translate English-language media like books, games, websites, apps, or poems into Eastern Ojibwe (a great way to support language revitalization efforts!), our team is ready to assist.

Would you like to start your Eastern Ojibwe translation journey? Take the first step today by sending our team a message.


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