Navajo to English Translation Services

The majority of professional translation agencies keep their focus on larger languages like German, Arabic, and Portuguese. As a result, smaller languages remain overlooked, especially Amerindian ones like Ojibwe, Cree, and Navajo. However, the team at is dedicated to providing professionals and academics with high-quality translations for smaller languages, including accurate Navajo-to-English translation services.


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As an Athabaskan language with an extensive system of morphemes (word parts like suffixes and prefixes) and long verbs that can take the role of entire sentences, Navajo is an infamously difficult language to translate from. In addition to the language’s complex grammar, the modes of expressions in Navajo make it difficult to find a translation service with the necessary depth of knowledge to translate Navajo material faithfully into English. However, thanks to our team’s years of experience translating Navajo, we’re able to offer reliable and accurate translations into English for a range of materials.


Materials We Translate from Navajo to English


  • Works of literature. While the Navajo tradition of storytelling has been mostly oral, a new form of written expression has emerged since the 1950s. We translate written stories, poems, songs, and more into English while aiming to maintain the tone and feeling of the original.

  • Historical documents. For language academics and researchers, we provide translations for numerous historical texts originally written in Navajo, including those written in now-defunct writing systems.

  • Religious texts. We also provide English translations for religious and spiritual texts originally written in Navajo, including hymns, psalms, dirges, and prayer songs.


For those in need of an experienced Navajo-to-English translation service, is ready to help manage your project. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the Navajo Nation or anywhere else. To find out more about our services or to get a free quote, message us now.