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Cree to English Translation Services


Translation agencies tend to overlook First Nations languages such as Navajo, Ojibwe, and Sioux in favor of larger languages such as French, Chinese, and Hindi. But at, we take pride in providing well-researched translation services for a diverse set of languages, including Cree.


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Our team of translators recognizes the cultural significance of Cree as well as the specific difficulties that come with accurately translating the language into English. Considering that a single word in Cree can be translated into an entire English sentence, finding a qualified Cree to English translation service can be especially challenging. Fortunately, our team has years of experience working with the Cree language and providing reliable translations. Moreover, our translators are prepared to manage your translations whether they’re written in Latin script or either of the two varieties of Cree syllabary writing.


Materials We Translation from Cree to English


  • Literary works. Although Cree is primarily a spoken language, it has developed its own tradition of written stories, poems, and songs that remain mostly unknown outside of Western Canada.

  • Historical documents. Numerous historical documents written in Cree have not yet been fully translated into English.

For those who need Cree to English translation services in Fort Smith, Hay River, or anywhere else in the region, we can assist you. We provide reliable Cree translations for clients in the United States and Canada. We’re here for you, so if you have a translation project, message us now to get a free quote or discuss your specific needs.

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