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There are more languages spoken in the United States than you probably realize. In most locales, English is the dominant language, although immigrant communities across the country use their language vigorously at home and with their neighbors. But it’s not the immigrant languages we’re talking about—we mean the languages that developed on the American continent for thousands of years, long before English ever took over the land we know today as the United States. We mean U.S. indigenous languages—such as Fox.

Fox is an endangered indigenous language of the US, divided into three key dialects: Fox proper, Sauk, and Kickapoo. Kickapoo, which accounts for more than half of the total speakers of Fox, is sometimes considered a separate language, but it’s so close that it can also be classified as a dialect. Combining all three variants, there are about 700 native speakers of Fox, and the language is highly endangered, threatened by the ever-increasing pressures of English. We at are determined to help in our own way, by offering dedicated Fox translation services.

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Let’s take a closer look at Fox.

Fox—or, as it’s known to native speakers, Meshkwahkihaki—is indigenous to the American Midwest, specifically Iowa and Kansas, as well as Oklahoma and the Mexican state of Coahuila. Each of the three dialects—Fox (also known as Meskwaki), Sauk, and Kickapoo—are spoken by the Meskwaki, Sauk, and Kickapoo ethnic groups, respectively, who originally inhabited an area in modern-day Wisconsin south of the Great Lakes. The language goes by many names, including Mesquakie (or Meskwaki), Mesquakie-Sauk, Mesquakie-Sauk-Kickapoo, Sauk-Fox, and Sac and Fox, with Kickapoo sometimes counted as a separate language.

Fox belongs to the Algonquian language family, sharing the same heritage as major indigenous languages of the US and Canada, such as Cree, Ojibwe, and Mi’kmaq. As an Algonquian language, Fox is incredibly complex, filled with inflection that packs words full of meaning and nuance. Fox also includes an indirect evidentiality marker that signals that the speaker knows the information they’re conveying only through inference or hearsay. Such features, lacking in English, can complicate the job of a translator who works with Fox and English—but fear not, because we work with experienced native speakers for our Fox translations.

We’re ready to help you with Fox translation—no matter your project.

To provide our clients with the best Fox translation services we can, we’ve recruited skilled, native-speaking translators from Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Coahuila who are ready to serve you, no matter what kind of project you throw at them. Our team members speak Fox, Sauk, and Kickapoo, so if you want to work with a specific variant, simply let us know. We translate both into Fox and from Fox, allowing for maximum flexibility within our translation services.

Our flexibility extends to the types of projects we provide translation services for, as well. Of course, we’re limited in how many translators we can hire because Fox is a severely endangered language, but within the limitations that exist, we’ve hired translators who can provide different types of specialized translation services, including academic translation, business translation, literary translation, and localization. That means we can translate research surveys, interview transcripts, lesson materials for children, advertisements, posters, website copy, books, short stories, poems, apps, games, historical documents, and more. If you’re looking for a Fox translator with expertise in a specific area, just let us know—though we have a limited pool, we may just be able to match you with somehow who knows your field. In essence, we always strive to fulfill special requests for our Fox translation clients.

Ready to get started with your Fox translation project? We’re ready—just message us with the details of your project!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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