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English to Croatian Translation Services


Croatian is a South Slavic language that shares close relations with Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin. In fact, the four languages are mostly mutually intelligible. Croatian, however, is its own distinct language and must be treated as such. If you’re doing any work with Croatian speakers, it’s important to recognize that distinction and use it in communication.


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Today, Croatian is the official language of Croatia and one of the three co-official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By committing to a high-quality Croatian translation service, you can rest assured that you’ll both expand and keep your audience. If you plan to do business in Croatia or want to reach a new market in the Balkans, you’ll need the right English to Croatian translation service to help you.


Materials we can translate into Croatian


  • Legal files. We work with a partner agency of legal translators who will make sure your legal documents are translated carefully, with absolute attention to detail, whether they are contracts, deeds, grants, agreements, or patents.

  • Business documents. We strive to help you expand your business internationally with translations of business and corporate documents of every kind.

  • Websites. We have experience translating various websites into Croatian, such as retail websites, company homepages, and e-commerce sites.


We’re ready to provide you with English to Croatian translation services, whether you’re in Zagreb, Split, Sarajevo, or anywhere else in the world. We at pride ourselves on serving our clients with translation that matches their specific needs.


To learn more or get a free quote, contact us and find out what we can do for you.

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