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English to Cree Translation Services


Today, Cree is the most widely spoken indigenous language of Canada. With more than 117,000 speakers throughout Western Canada and the northern United States, Cree stands as an important cultural touchstone in the area. Although almost all Cree speakers today can use English to varying degrees, many still prefer to use Cree. As such, it is still invaluable to connect with this population through English to Cree translation.


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Cree belongs to the Algonquin language family, putting it in the same group as Arapaho and Blackfoot. In particular, Cree is closely related to Ojibwe and shares much of its complicated grammar and morphology.


Unique considerations for translation into Cree


As an Algonquin language, Cree’s structure, grammar, and word formation are entirely different from English. For example, Cree has relatively free word order, which means a change in word order can alter the focus or emphasis of a sentence. Additionally, words can be extensively long and formed from an expansive set of roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Furthermore, Cree uses a different system of pronouns that includes two forms of “we,” depending on whether the listener is included, and a fourth-person pronoun that avoids ambiguity and can alter nuance in sentences with multiple third-person actors. At, we keep all of this in mind to deliver high-quality Cree translation services.


Materials we translate into Cree


  • Websites. For those who want to reach a Cree-speaking audience online, we are ready to help. We can translate government web pages, educational sites, and other web content into Cree.

  • Localized materials. Our team is ready to help you translate and localize a variety of content in Cree, including software, apps, and more.

  • Signage. Get your signs and placards translated correctly, whether they are for government services, directions, or public spaces.


At, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet clients’ needs. Whether you want to reach an audience in Fort Smith, Hay River, or anywhere else, we deliver Cree translation services that match your requirements.


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