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English to K’iche’ Translation Services


K’iche’ (also called Qatzijobʼal or Quiché) is the main language of the K’iche’ people of Central America and an integral part of their heritage. K’iche’ is spoken in southeast Mexico and throughout Guatemala, where it’s the most widely spoken language after Spanish. In fact, in Guatemala alone, there are more than one million K’iche’ speakers, who make up about ten percent of the country’s total population. Among these people, there is a sizable population of monolingual K’iche’ speakers, meaning English to Spanish translation is not sufficient to properly connect with this audience.


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K’iche’ is part of the Mayan language family, alongside languages such as Yucatec Maya and Tzeltal, and it has a grammar and syntactic structure that differs greatly from European languages like English. For instance, K’iche’ as spoken today has relatively free word order, which means the position of the subject or verb is crucial and can significantly change the nuance or emphasis of a given phrase. Likewise, K’iche’ verbs are well known by linguists for their complex morphology that expresses the time, duration, and completeness of an action and provides information about the subject and object. While these factors make accurate English to K’iche’ translation difficult, our translators are seasoned professionals who are ready for these challenges.


Materials We Translate into K’iche’


  • Business materials. Let our translators make sure your digital content is translated and localized appropriately for a K’iche’ audience. We produce translations of apps, advertisements, and other online material that specifically take into account the rich culture of the K’iche’ people.

  • Websites. Our team provides translations for government websites, online retail pages, and other web content.

  • Surveys. For those who need surveys in K’iche’, we provide translation services for academic researchers, businesses, and government agencies.


Whether you’re trying to reach a new audience in Totonicapán, Quetzaltenango, El Quiché, or somewhere else in the homeland of the K’iche’ people, we can assist you with your project. No matter where you are, offers reliable and accurate English to K’iche’ translation services specifically tailored to meet your needs.


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