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English to Kazakh Translation Services


Kazakhstan is one of the leading markets in Central Asia, providing trade and investment opportunities for foreign companies. Its location as a transit route between Europe and China, its growing middle class, and its recent economic openness are positive factors that draw investors to thriving cities like Astana, Shymkent, and Taraz.


If you represent a company that has plans to establish a business presence in Kazakhstan, an important consideration is proper use of the Kazakh language as a means of communication. The majority of the population of about 17 million speaks Kazakh, and in order to market to them, companies need to speak their language.


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What types of documents does translate from English to Kazakh? translates a range of legal, business, technical, and academic documents. We also translate website content for businesses marketing online. Below is a list of documents, among others, that our professional team can translate into Kazakh:


  • Legal translation – With the help of our legal translation partner agency, we offer translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, professional licenses, business permits, employee contracts, terms and conditions, patents, and non-disclosure agreements.


  • Business translation – We translate business plans, HR policies, market research, case studies, eBooks, product catalogs, slide presentations, posters, press releases, and sales video scripts.


  • Technical translation – We offer translation and localization for operations manuals, product user manuals, installation guides, product labels, and quality control handbooks

  • Academic translation – We help professors and graduate students by translating research reports, journal articles, conference handouts, theses, and books.


Why choose


  • translates with excellent quality and accuracy.

  • We select translators who have specialized skills (in engineering, medicine, computer programming, law, etc.) to translate technical and academic documents to ensure reliable translations.

  • We offer online English to Kazakh translation services in Almaty, Karagandy, Yining, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and anywhere else in the world.

  • Our translation services are reasonably priced and affordable.

  • We deliver Kazakh document translations on tight turnarounds to meet even your strictest deadlines.


Do you need English to Kazakh translation? Request a free quote now.

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