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Arabic is one of the biggest languages in the world, with more than 380 million people speaking it as their native language. But it’s a highly diverse language, with dozens of dialects that generally can’t be understood by speakers of other Arabic varieties. In that sense, it’s more like a group of languages than a single language. Modern Standard Arabic was developed as a literary standard that all Arabic speakers can learn, but individual Arabic variants, such as Hassaniya Arabic, have far less influence.

With around 5.2 million native speakers, Hassaniya Arabic isn’t the biggest variant of Arabic (that’s Egyptian Arabic, for the record), but it still commands significant influence in its region, used as the dominant language where it’s spoken. Educated Hassaniya Arabic speakers often speak French or Spanish as well, but Arabic remains the predominant language in the region. The problem is that translation services specifically tailored to Hassaniya Arabic are rare—and that’s why we at have created our own Hassaniya Arabic translation team.

What are the rates for our Hassaniya Arabic translation services? We’ll give you a free quote—just ask!

Hassaniya Arabic: Arabic’s westernmost variety

Hassaniya Arabic—sometimes alternatively called Hassaniyya, Klem El Bithan, Hassani, Hassaniya, or Maure—is spoken primarily in Mauritania and Western Sahara, with smaller numbers of speakers in Mali, Senegal, Algeria, Libya, and Niger. Mali recognizes it as an official language, with Morocco recognizing it as a minority language in the disputed Western Sahara region. Hassaniya is most similar to other forms of Maghrebi Arabic, such as Moroccan Arabic or Algerian Arabic, but it remains quite distinct, partially thanks the influence it’s sustained from Wolof and Zenaga.

In most regards, Hassaniya Arabic grammar resembles that of any other variety of Arabic, particularly other ones classified as Maghrebi Arabic. Like other modern varieties of the language, Hassaniya Arabic has lost noun case markings and dual pronouns, which indicate two people (e.g., “we two,” “you two,” “those two”). But other features of Hassaniya are unique, such as its use of the prefix -u to form the passive voice. Another particularity of Hassaniya Arabic is that it attaches the prefix -a to adjectives to strengthen them, as seen in acaddal (“more polished”), derived from mcaddal (“polished”). The unique features of Hassaniya Arabic can render it challenging for translators, but that’s what our team is here for—our passionate and native-speaking Hassaniya Arabic translators can easily navigate the difficulties.

High-quality Hassaniya Arabic translation services—guaranteed.

If you’re looking for translation services specific to Hassaniya Arabic, you can’t hire Arabic translators of other dialects. The intricacies of Hassaniya Arabic demand a finesse that only a native speaker of Hassaniya can provide—which is why we’ve scoured Mauritania, Western Sahara, Mali, and other countries in the region to find the best Hassaniya Arabic translators we could. Our translators are skilled in translation both to and from Hassaniya, helping a diverse array of clients with a wide variety of projects.

What if your translation project is niche and general translation services aren’t sufficient? No worries—that’s why we’ve hired translators who are experts in a range of domains. If you’re looking for academic translation services, it doesn’t matter what your discipline is—we have academic Hassaniya translators for all sorts of fields. The same applies to clients looking for business translation services—our Hassaniya business translators cover any number of industries. For creatives, our Hassaniya literary translation team works with manuscripts of all genres and subject matters, helping you weave compelling narratives for new audiences in a new language. If you have any other special requests, just ask—our team is big and broad.

We’re proud to offer high-quality Hassaniya Arabic translation services to anyone who needs them. If that’s you, why not reach out and place an order today?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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