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Wolof to English Translation Services


Today, English is unquestionably the world’s lingua franca, so having reliable English translations is more important than ever. Finding qualified translators who work with Wolof and French is possible. However, few companies offer Wolof to English translation services, and some that do use French as an intermediary, which can lead to shoddy translations that miss the nuance and feeling of the original text. At, we translate materials directly from the original Wolof and never use an intermediary language.


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Considering Wolof’s unique grammatical structure, accurate translation requires a deep understanding of both English and Wolof as well as a keen eye for detail. Our experienced translators have years of practice to make sure your message comes across with the same feeling as in the original text. Moreover, we can localize your translation based on the audience you want to reach, whether nonnative speakers or those in specific regions. Similarly, we can make sure your translation fits the style and tone of the content itself.



Materials We Translate from Wolof into English


  • Digital content. With English being the most widely used language on the Internet, having quality translations can help grow your readership enormously. We work with blogs, retail sites, web advertisements, customer reviews, informational pages, and more.


  • Business materials. Seeking to broaden your client base or attract new investors on an international level? Our team manages translations for product descriptions and reviews, brochures, advertisements, and more.


Every translator on our team has years of experience and an eye for detail, ensuring your content is in good hands. We support projects in Dakar, Touba, Banjul, Thiès, and worldwide. If your project has special requirements, let us know, and we can work with you to meet your needs.


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