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Translation Services for Egyptian Arabic: Our Team Is Ready!

Some 380 million people speak Arabic as their native language, which makes it one of the biggest languages in the world. But if you look a little closer, you’ll discover it’s a bit more complicated than that. The language is divided into dozens of regional varieties that generally can’t be understood by speakers of other Arabic dialects, so while there’s a standard written form used across the entire Arabic-speaking world, the situation is trickier on the ground. The biggest regional variant of Arabic is Egyptian Arabic, and that’s what we’re diving into today.

Egyptian Arabic has around 78 million native speakers, with an additional 25 million second-language speakers pushing the total figure up to more than 100 million. Speakers of most other Arabic dialects can generally understand Egyptian Arabic thanks to its strong influence across the Arab world, in part due to the prowess of Egyptian movies and music. The dialect is used in literature, advertising, and more—it’s safe to say it has a strong presence, even in writing. But translation services that focus on Egyptian Arabic are rare—so we at are proud to present our new Egyptian Arabic translation services.

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Egyptian Arabic: Discovering the biggest variant of Arabic

It’s obvious that Egyptian Arabic is native to Egypt—but it’s almost entirely concentrated in the country’s highly populated northeast, where you’ll find the major cities of Cairo and Alexandria. In the northwest of the country, people speak Egyptian Bedawi Arabic instead of Egyptian Arabic, and along the Nile throughout more southern regions of the country, people speak Sa’idi Arabic. Egyptian Arabic has been heavily influenced by Coptic, the modern-day remnant of the Egyptian language, but also features various loanwords from Turkish, French, Italian, Greek, and English.

For the most part, Egyptian Arabic closely resembles other forms of Arabic in its grammar. Like most modern-day Arabic dialects, Egyptian Arabic generally uses a subject-verb-object word order, unlike Classical Arabic, which was a verb-initial language. However, Egyptian Arabic differs from other Arabic varieties in that it places question words at the end of a sentence, a feature adopted from Coptic. Pronouns are complex—there are different forms for “you” depending on the gender of the addressee, but this is common across all varieties of Arabic. Verbs and sometimes nouns are conjugated for person, making this distinction all the more tricky—but for native-speaking translators like those on our team, you don’t have to worry.

Egyptian Arabic translations anyone can trust

It’s important to us to provide our clients from across Egypt and the rest of the world with reliable, accurate translations they can trust. We hire experienced Egyptian Arabic translators from Cairo, Alexandria, and elsewhere in northeastern Egypt who represent different subdialects of the language, so if you’re looking for a particular type of Egyptian Arabic, just let us know. Our translators are passionate about providing translation services for Egyptian Arabic, whether that means translating to or from the language—the choice is yours.

Since our Egyptian Arabic team is filled with translators who have experience in different areas of translation, we can easily cater to the diverse needs of our clientele. For example, academic clients may want to work with our academic translation team for careful translations of research questionnaires or interview transcripts—for any discipline. Business owners operating in Egypt may like to translate their promotional materials into Egyptian Arabic to better connect with local customers—especially since the dialect is common in advertising. And our literary translators are here to help anyone looking to spread Egyptian literature to the rest of the world or bring their international works to an Egyptian audience—no matter the genre!

We’re your top experts for Egyptian Arabic translation services. Don’t wait to get started with Egyptian Arabic translation—place your first order now!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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