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We’re Proud to Now Be Able to Provide Maranao Translation Services

The Philippines is a big country. Not necessarily in terms of geographical size—at around 300,000 square kilometers, it ranks 72nd in the world—but the Southeast Asian island nation boasts a population of more than 100 million people across its 7,000+ islands, divided into more than 180 ethnic groups speaking just as many distinct languages. That’s right—English and Tagalog may be the lingua francas of the land, but most Filipinos speak a smaller indigenous language as their mother tongue. For example, Maranao is one of the bigger minority languages in the country.

Maranao is the 9th biggest language in the Philippines, with more than 1.4 million people speaking it as their first language. While not as big as Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, or Hiligaynon, Maranao boasts more native speakers than the well-known Tausug language or Chavacano, the Philippines’ unique Spanish-based creole language. While Maranao exerts a powerful presence in its immediate region, Cebuano, which is also spoken natively in the area, often overshadows Maranao—and Tagalog can overshadow even Cebuano. So, finding high-quality Maranao translation services isn’t necessarily the easiest task, but we at want to make it easier with our new Maranao translation team.

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Let’s dig deeper into what makes Maranao tick.

If we look at the area where Maranao is spoken, we zoom in on Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur, two provinces in the north of the major southern Filipino island of Mindanao. Lanao del Sur is where Maranao reigns supreme, used as the most common language in the province, while Maranao speakers in Lanao del Norte have to contend with the more widespread and prestigious Cebuano. Like most other languages in the archipelagic nation, Maranao is a member of the expansive Austronesian language family.

As is common in Austronesian languages, Maranao is a verb-initial language, with a default verb-subject-object word order. With four noun cases as opposed to Tagalog’s three and Ilocano’s two, Maranao can be considered a more grammatically complex tongue. There’s even a definiteness distinction in Maranao’s case markers, which is roughly the equivalent of English’s “a/an” and “the.” Unlike English, Maranao doesn’t make a gender distinction in the third-person pronoun, referring to both men and women with the same word—but it does distinguish between whether the addressee is included or not in the first-person plural pronoun.

Our team is proud to provide reliable Maranao translation services.

Are you looking for the best Maranao translation services on the web? We’ve worked hard to find the best Maranao translators in Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, and elsewhere in Mindanao and the Philippines, and we’re committed to bringing you high-quality and flexible services that suit your specific needs. Our translators provide services both from English to Maranao and from Maranao to English, so whether you’re looking to forge a deeper connection with Maranao speakers or want to branch out from Mindanao and into the wider world, our team can guide you through the translation process.

Our Maranao translation services are available for many different types of documents. So, whether you come from the business world and need help promoting your new shop in Mindanao, or whether you’re a passionate Maranao-speaking academic who needs translation assistance to share your scholarly works with your international peers, you can trust our team to provide the tailored translation services you need. With subject-matter experts in various fields, we can even navigate any technical vocabulary that may pop up. And if you’re interested in literary translation to or from Maranao, we can handle that too, carefully maintaining the unique style and tone of the original as we transmit all the deep meaning and nuance to the target language.

Maranao translation is what we do best—regardless of the specific translation domain. Contact us today to see how we can transform your project!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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