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We’re Now Available to Provide Kalinga Translation Services

The linguistic landscape of the Philippines is complicated. The Southeast Asian archipelagic nation is one of the most linguistically diverse countries on the planet, boasting an astounding 180-odd indigenous languages within its borders. Naturally, to unite its multicultural population, the Philippines needs a lingua franca—Tagalog is often used at the national level, with languages like Cebuano, Hiligaynon, and Ilocano sometimes used at the regional level. But at home and in local communities, people usually speak their native languages—such as Kalinga.

Roughly 110,000 people in the Philippines claim Kalinga as their first language, with speakers divided among several dialects. Despite its relatively low number of speakers, Kalinga is a fairly vigorous language, enjoying widespread usage in the local community. However, Kalinga speakers do commonly use Tagalog, Ilocano, and English as lingua francas to communicate with the other ethnic groups in the region. It’s rare for a translation company to offer Kalinga translation services, but we here at are proud to introduce our Kalinga translation services today.

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Let’s dive a bit deeper into the Kalinga language.

The 110,000-odd people who speak Kalinga as their first language primarily reside in northern Luzon, the northernmost major island in the Philippine island chain. They’re spread out across most parts of the aptly named province of Kalinga, with smaller communities of Kalinga speakers occupying certain regions of Mountain Province, Abra, and Apayao. Ethnologue has identified eight dialects of Kalinga, as follows:

  • Lubuagan Kalinga

  • Butbut Kalinga

  • Limos Kalinga

  • Tanudan Kalinga

  • Southern Kalinga

  • Majukayang Kalinga

  • Mabaka Valley Kalinga

  • Banao Itneg

Kalinga belongs to the Austronesian language family—more specifically, it’s a member of the Philippine subfamily, occupying the Cordilleran branch. It’s closely related to the nearby Itneg languages, but Banao Itneg is considered a dialect of Kalinga, not Itneg. Kalinga uses a verb-subject-object word order, placing the verb at the beginning of a sentence, as is common among Austronesian languages. However, the word order may change if other elements of the sentence are topicalized (i.e., brought to the beginning for emphasis). This might all sound complicated, but don’t worry—we hire native Kalinga speakers to ensure the utmost accuracy in our corrections.

Let us provide individually tailored Kalinga translation services

We’re proud to provide the best Kalinga translation services available on the web. Our translators come from all over the provinces of Kalinga, Abra, Apayao, Mountain Province, and beyond, allowing us to cover the various dialects used by Kalinga speakers. If you’re looking for translation services for a particular dialect, just let us know. We translate both to and from Kalinga, using our vast experience to inform our translation decisions.

We’re here to help academics, businesspeople, artists, and others alike with our specialized translation services. Indeed, we offer academic translation, business translation, literary translation, and more for Kalinga, drawing on the varied expertise of our native-speaking translators. We can translate research papers to aid in your study in the northern Philippines or ad copy to help you promote your organization across the province of Kalinga. We can translate Kalinga-language literature into English to share it with the world, and we can bring English-language books, poems, short stories, and other literary works to the Kalinga-speaking community with Kalinga translation. If you want to translate educational materials into Kalinga to help children learn in their native language, we can do that, too. And if you need an expert in a given technical field, just ask—our Kalinga translators are people of many talents.

Why not start your Kalinga translation journey today? Simply reach out and place an order for Kalinga translation today!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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