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Translation Services for Sierra Popoluca: Available Now

Today, Mexico stands as the single largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, but Spanish is a new addition to the culturally diverse country, whose rich history spans millennia. Before Spanish was brought to the shores of Mexico from Europe, the indigenous inhabitants of the land spoke a wide variety of native languages hailing from a multitude of families. Many of these languages still persist today, with hundreds of thousands of people in Mexico speaking indigenous languages natively—including Sierra Popoluca.

Sierra Popoluca is spoken by around 36,000 people in Mexico as their first language. The name “Popoluca” comes from Nahuatl and translates to “gibberish,” so to avoid the derogatory connotations, some people call the language Soteapanec or Soteapan Zoque instead, but native speakers typically aren’t concerned with the etymology of the term and simply accept “Sierra Popoluca” as the name of their language, which they call Nuntajɨyi in the language itself. Like other indigenous languages in Mexico, Sierra Popoluca is endangered—but we at are thrilled to present our new Sierra Popoluca translation services.

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What is Sierra Popoluca like as a language?

Like most other indigenous languages in Mexico that maintain a healthy speaker base today, Sierra Popoluca is native to the south of the country, specifically in the southern regions of the coastal state of Veracruz. Zooming in more closely, most Sierra Popoluca speakers reside in the municipalities of Soteapan, Tatahuicapan, and Hueyapan de Ocampo. With Spanish and Nahuatl also spoken in close proximity, Sierra Popoluca has undergone significant influence from these languages, despite tracing its roots back to the completely unrelated Mixe–Zoque family.

Like many other Amerindian languages, Sierra Popoluca presents with complicated and highly inflectional grammar, classified as a polysynthetic language. All the inflectional possibilities results in a highly flexible word order, with any of the six combinations of subject, verb, and object possible, but more than 70% of utterances in Sierra Popoluca use a subject-verb-object word order. However, in sentences without an object, the verb tends to proceed the subject. This makes sense when you consider that Sierra Popoluca is an ergative language, meaning that it treats intransitive subjects grammatically the same as transitive objects. Since the language is so complex, your translation project will be best served by a native-speaking Sierra Popoluca translator, which is what you can find on our team.

The most flexible Sierra Popoluca translation services

With native-speaking Sierra Popoluca translators from all across southern Veracruz and elsewhere, we present a well-rounded and robust team ready to tackle any sort of translation project you may have. Our translators are proud to provide translation services both to and from Sierra Popoluca for a wide variety of project types, giving you a great deal of flexibility over your translation project. No matter what kind of document you wish to have translated, our team is eager to work with you.

Our Sierra Popoluca translators boast experience from different areas of the translation world, so if you’re looking for specialty translation services in a particular domain, all you need to do is ask. Our team consists of translators in academia, business, literature, and beyond, so we can cater to the diverse needs of students, professors, researchers, childhood educators, CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, professionals, novelists, poets, filmmakers, software developers, bloggers, language activists, and more. And if your text contains esoteric terminology in a particular field, don’t worry about that, either. Simply tell us what field you’re working with, and we’ll try our best to match you with a Sierra Popoluca translator who understands your discipline.

We’re dedicated to providing the best Sierra Popoluca translation services we can. So, why not place your first translation order with us today?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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