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Translation Services for Iranun, Now Available

Most people, if asked what language is spoken in the Philippines, would probably answer with “Tagalog,” “Filipino,” or “English.” These answers aren’t necessarily wrong—Tagalog is the biggest native language in the Southeast Asian archipelago, Filipino is the standardized version of Tagalog used in government and media, and English is an important lingua franca across the nation. But the linguistic situation of the Philippines is far more complex than that, with more than 180 languages spoken all across the island country. Today, we’re looking at one particular indigenous Filipino language: Iranun.

With approximately 250,000 native speakers, Iranun boasts a sizable community, but it’s nonetheless overshadowed by the bigger languages in the Philippines, such as Tagalog, Cebuano, Maguindanaon, Maranao, Hiligaynon, Chavacano, and more. However, it remains one of the most spoken native languages in Maguindanao, coming in second to Maguindanaon. Few translation agencies offer translation services for Iranun, but we at are proud to present our new Iranun translation services.

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Discovering more about the Iranun language

Despite its comparatively small speaker community, Iranun is spoken across a large geographical range, primarily in the Philippines but also crossing international borders into Malaysia and Indonesia. The bulk of Iranun speakers can be found in the Filipino provinces of Maguindanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte, Cotabato, Bukidnon, and Zamboanga del Sur, as well as the Malaysian state of Sabah. Iranun can be written in both the Latin alphabet and the Arabic script, but don’t worry—our translation team can work with both writing systems.

Iranun comes from the small Danao language grouping, part of the much larger Austronesian language family that spans most of Maritime Southeast Asia. Only three languages make up the group, the other two being Maguindanao and Maranao, both significantly larger than Iranun. While all three are closely related, Iranun is easily the most distinct, with minimal mutual intelligibility. The Danao languages put the verb at the beginning of the sentence, and while verbs don’t conjugate for person like in Spanish or Russian, they do incorporate voice markers that place emphasis on a particular constituent of the sentence, such as the actor or the patient. Indeed, Iranun is a grammatically complicated language, but that’s not an issue for our native-speaking Iranun translators—so don’t worry!

Iranun translation services available: any client, any project!

We’ve dedicated ourselves to building the best, most diverse, most flexible Iranun translation team we possibly can. That’s entailed searching all over Maguindanao, Lanao, Cotabato, and other Iranun-speaking regions to find the top translation talent for this unique Philippine language. Our translators are experienced in both translation to Iranun and from Iranun, allowing a diverse range of clients to access the precise translation services they require. Don’t worry about dialects, either—with translators hailing from all over the Iranun-speaking world, we ensure broad coverage of the various types of Iranun.

Some of our clients are academics or researchers looking to translate scholarly materials to or from this important Philippine tongue—and they can rely on our experienced academic Iranun translators, who specialize in a variety of disciplines, to handle their work with care. Some of our clients come from the upper echelons of the business world and need experienced Iranun business translators to expand their operations inside or outside of the Philippines—and our Iranun business translators, with broad experience in a range of sectors, are the ideal experts for the job. Some of our clients work in the entertainment industry and want to share their books, movies, videos, or other content with a new audience—and our literary Iranun translators are passionate about translating great creative masterpieces to or from Iranun.

Whatever your translation needs, your journey to great Iranun translation services starts here!


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