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Our Translation Services Now Extend to the Ede Language

Though most people outside of Africa would be hard-pressed to name more than a handful of indigenous African languages, Africa accounts for a rough 28% of the world’s languages, with most African countries counting dozens, if not hundreds, of indigenous languages within their borders. To ease interethnic communications, African countries have designated certain languages as lingua francas, with English, French, and Arabic qualifying as the most common. But at the community level, most Africans speak an indigenous language first and learn their country’s imported lingua franca second.

One of the many indigenous languages spoken widely at the community level in Africa is Ede, which boasts an estimated 800,000 speakers across a dialect continuum in Togo, Benin, and Nigeria. Dialects of the West African language include Cabe (Caabe, Shabè), Ica (Itcha, Isha), Idaca (Idaaca, Idaatcha), Ije, Nago (Nagot), Kura Nago, Manigri (Kambolé), and Ife (Ifè, Ifɛ, Ana, Ana-Ifé, Anago, Baate, Ede Ife). Ife is the most prominent Ede dialect, accounting for more than 200,000 of the language’s total speakers. Regardless of Ede’s relative size in Togo, Benin, and Nigeria, however, it’s rare to find a translation company that offers services for the language. Enter’s Ede translation team.

We’re proud to translate to and from Ede, helping clients from West Africa and beyond access reliable Ede translation services. For a free quote, just reach out and ask!

A little more information on Ede

As a dialect continuum, the wider Ede language is often overshadowed by its dialects, as speakers may attach a strong sense of identity to their local dialect rather than the larger Ede language. This is most prominent in Ife, which is often treated as a distinct language. Ede and all its dialects are closely related to Yoruba, one of the most widely spoken indigenous languages in all of Africa, which too frequently overshadows the smaller tongue. Some people even consider Ede a dialect of Yoruba, given that it has roughly 95% lexical similarity to Standard Yoruba.

Like most other indigenous languages in West Africa, Ede is part of the Niger–Congo language family. It uses a basic word order of subject-verb-object, which is typical for Niger–Congo languages other than the notable exception of the Mande languages. Inflection is rare in Ede, which is considered a heavily isolating language—instead, Ede establishes grammatical relationships through word order and independent particles. While this may make it appear easier than inflection-heavy Bantu languages, Ede’s isolating nature can render it more ambiguous.

Let us take care of all your Ede translation needs.

Our mission here at is to bring you the best translation services for as many languages as possible, including smaller and often overlooked languages like Ede. We believe all languages deserve reliable translation services, which is why we’ve worked hard to build a professional Ede translation team that you can rely on. Staffed with passionate Ede native speakers from Togo, Benin, and Nigeria, we can translate your documents both to and from Ede—whichever direction you need.

We also pride ourselves on our flexible translation services, able to cater to translation clients from all sorts of backgrounds. Do you work in business? Let our Ede translators help you expand your corporate activities to new regions, whether that means venturing outside of West Africa or moving into the Ede-speaking area. Perhaps you’re interested in spreading awareness of the Ede-speaking community’s vibrant culture to help set them apart from the Yoruba people—we’d be thrilled to help you translate historical or literary documents in Ede. Or maybe you’re a language activist pushing for more content in Ede, as the current market is dominated by Yoruba—in that case, we can help you translate books, poems, apps, websites, games, and more from English to Ede.

Whatever kind of Ede translation services you need, we’re determined to help. Get in touch today to discuss your specific project.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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