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Our Translation Services for Amdo Tibetan Are Now Available

Most people have probably heard of the Tibetan language—but that’s a bit misleading. Just as what we call “Chinese” is actually a group of several related languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese, what we call “Tibetan” is also a cluster of several similar languages rather than one single language. Linguists have identified around 50 different Tibetic languages, but there are three languages that comprise “traditional” Tibetan—and one of them is Amdo Tibetan.

Amdo is one of the most widely spoken Tibetan languages, recording some 2.5 million native speakers in 2005. Though Amdo Tibetan shares much of its vocabulary with the other “traditional” Tibetan languages—Khams Tibetan and Ü-Tsang Tibetan (or Central Tibetan)—it’s mutually unintelligible with them, meaning Amdo Tibetan speakers can’t communicate at even a basic level with speakers of the other two. Since Lhasa Tibetan, also known as Standard Tibetan, is a dialect of Ü-Tsang Tibetan, Amdo Tibetan is often overlooked, leading to a scarcity of translation resources. But we at have endeavored to create our own Amdo Tibetan translation team to address this gap.

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Amdo Tibetan: the modern Tibetan language closest to Classical Tibetan

Classical Tibetan, with all its cultural and religious importance, constitutes a source of pride for modern-day speakers of Tibetic languages, but none more so than Amdo Tibetan speakers. Indeed, Amdo Tibetan is the most conservative language in the cluster, preserving certain phonological elements that other Tibetic languages have lost. It’s spoken mostly in Qinghai, with some speakers in Sichuan and Gansu, and only a few in Tibet, where most other Tibetan speakers reside. Amdo Tibetan consists of several dialects, which may differ significantly from one another:

  • North Kokonor (spoken in Kangtsa, Themchen, Arik, etc.)

  • West Kokonor (spoken in Dulan, Na’gormo, etc.)

  • Southeast Kokonor (spoken in Jainca, Thrika, Hualong, etc.)

  • Labrang (spoken in Labrang and Luchu)

  • Golok (spoken in Machen, Matö, and Gabde)

  • Ngapa (spoken in Ngapa, Dzorge, and Dzamthang)

  • Kandze

Amdo is, naturally, related to other Tibetic languages, such as Bhutan’s national language of Dzongkha, but it’s also related to the Chinese languages. Like Classical Tibetan, it’s not tonal, although other modern Tibetic languages have developed a tone system like in the Sinitic languages. Amdo Tibetan features a complicated grammatical structure, with a subject-object-verb word order, evidential markers to indicate the source of a speaker’s information, and relative clauses that would make an English speaker’s head spin. This is to say it’s not an easy language to translate—but that’s why we hire native speakers for our Amdo Tibetan translation team.

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Our clients come from all over the world and represent all sorts of different domains, and they have different reasons for requiring Amdo Tibetan translation services. Luckily, our Amdo Tibetan team is diverse and robust enough to accommodate the diverse needs of our clientele. Our translators hail from all over the Tibetan Plateau, from different cities in Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, and Tibet, and speak various dialects of Amdo Tibetan, so don’t hesitate to request a specific variant.

Clients with niche translation needs will also be delighted to know that we hire specialists in different areas of translation, allowing our clients to access academic translation, business translation, literary translation, localization services, and more in Amdo Tibetan. Whether you’re looking for translation services into or from Amdo Tibetan, we can help you with your research papers in any academic field; your marketing materials for your company in any industry; your manuscript for your novel, poem, or other literary work in any genre; or your copy or script for your website, app, game, or other digital media. We even have subject-matter experts in various fields who can seamlessly navigate any esoteric terminology in your text.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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