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Our Team Now Offers Clients Garre Translation Services

African countries often just have one or two languages they designate as official—in the case of Kenya, for instance, it’s English and Swahili, and as for Somalia, it’s Somali and Arabic. But this doesn’t capture the incredible linguistic diversity of this massive continent. The majority of African countries are home to dozens or even hundreds of distinct ethnolinguistic groups, which means that while people typically learn national and regional lingua francas, they speak their own, indigenous language at home and in their local community—languages like Garre.

Garre—which you may also hear called Af-Garre—is spoken by more than 800,000 people, so while it’s not a huge language, it’s certainly not a small one, either. In fact, for African minority language standards, it’s pretty big. However, the language suffers from poor recognition and representation, especially since it’s often classified as a dialect of Somali. Even though it’s commonly used by the Garre people, it’s frequently overlooked in favor of Standard Somali, and translation companies rarely offer dedicated translation services for Garre. We at care about supporting Garre, however, so we’ve launched our own Garre translation team.

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Gaining a deeper understanding of the Garre language

Even though Garre is closely related to Somali, enough that it can be considered a dialect, most Garre speakers live in Kenya. Roughly 685,000 people in Kenya speak the language, while Garre speakers in Somalia number only around 132,000. The language belongs to the Afroasiatic language family, making it a distant cousin to Arabic and a closer (but still quite distant) cousin to major Ethiopian languages like Oromo and Afar. One of Garre’s closest relatives is Maay Maay, another widely spoken Somali language.

Within the Garre language, there are two primary dialects: Garre Tuuf and Garre Quranyow. Tuuf is thought to be the “pure” Garre variety, while Quranyow has been heavily influenced by Maay Maay. The variety of Garre spken in the Baydhaba region of Somalia shares certain grammatical patterns with Maay Maay that don’t exist in other, more conservative dialects of Garre, such as those spoken in Qoryooley and Buurhakaba. Whatever the dialect, though, Garre always demonstrates significant differences from English, which can make the language tricky to translate—unless you work with native-speaking Garre translators like the ones on our team, that is.

Our Garre translators are equipped to help all kinds of clients.

We’ve built our Garre translation team to be as big, varied, and robust as possible to ensure that our diverse clients have access to all the Garre translation services they might need. So, if you’re looking for a certain dialect of Garre, all you have to do is tell us—we’ll assign the right translator to your job. Our native-speaking Garre translators come from different parts of Kenya and Somalia and speak different dialects of their unique language, so our team is well-rounded, and we’re skilled at providing translation services both to and from Garre.

What kind of Garre translation services are you seeking? If you need translation services for niche purposes—perhaps an academic research questionnaire, promotional materials for your organization, traditional Garre literature, or an app you’re localizing for Garre speakers—just let us know. Our team is full of specialists in different areas of translation, allowing us to seamlessly accommodate your specific needs, even in technical fields. We’ll work with you to provide the best Garre translation solutions we can, so don’t hesitate to ask us about any specific requirements you have for your project.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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