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Our New Translation Team Makes Kichwa Pastaza Translation Services Accessible

Ecuador is generally seen as a Hispanic country, and indeed, Spanish is the official language of the South American nation, spoken by the majority of the population as a native language. But Spanish certainly isn’t the native language of all Ecuadorians. Long before Europeans ever arrived at the shores of South America, the land of modern-day Ecuador was populated by disparate ethnolinguistic groups who still maintain a strong presence in the country today, with a number of Ecuadorians speaking Kichwa as their first language. Kichwa is broken up into several dialects, and today we’re zooming in on Kichwa Pastaza.

Kichwa Pastaza isn’t the biggest dialect of this important Amerindian language, but with about 10,000 native speakers, it’s still the primary language of a sizable group of people. When all the Kichwa dialects are combined, they collectively reign as the most widely spoken indigenous language in Ecuador, forming a distinct language that may also be classified as Northern Quechua, distinct from the Southern Quechua spoken in Peru and Bolivia. Kichwa Pastaza and the other Kichwa dialects spoken in Ecuador are under threat due to the country’s reliance on Spanish, which means there aren’t a lot of translation services available for Kichwa—but here at, we’re proud to present our translation team for Kichwa Pastaza specifically.

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Kichwa Pastaza: the indigenous language of Ecuador’s Pastaza Province

Most Kichwa dialects derive their name from the region of Ecuador in which they’re spoken, and this is also the case for Kichwa Pastaza. Most speakers of Kichwa Pastaza are residents of Ecuador’s Pastaza Province, the country’s largest and most biodiverse province. The region borders Peru, where you can find an additional few thousand Kichwa Pastaza speakers.

So, what kind of language is Kichwa, anyway? Kichwa comprises the northern portion of the Quechuan languages, which together stand as the biggest indigenous language in the Americas. Quechuan languages, including Kichwa, are known for their incredible grammatical complexity, although Kichwa dialects tend to exhibit a simplified grammar when compared to Southern Quechua. Regardless, Kichwa still features more than a dozen noun cases, a clusivity distinction in its first-person plural pronouns (meaning there are two words for “we,” one meaning “me and you (and maybe others)” and the other meaning “me and others but not you”), and evidentiality markers that indicate how the speaker knows the information they’re expressing.

We offer Kichwa Pastaza translation services for a wide variety of needs.

We’re serious about providing high-quality Kichwa translation services, which is why we’ve compiled specific translation teams for the various dialects in the northern Quechuan language. You’d be hard-pressed to find dedicated translation services for Kichwa Pastaza elsewhere, but with us and our hard-working team of native-speaking Kichwa translators, we’re making Kichwa Pastaza translation services accessible. That goes for both translation into Kichwa Pastaza and translation out of Kichwa Pastaza—whatever you need, our translators have the skills, experience, and passion to deliver results.

Unfortunately, since Kichwa Pastaza has a relatively low number of speakers, it might not always be possible to cater to niche needs. But with flexibility a key priority for us, we can still accommodate many different translation needs. Say, for example, that you’re an anthropological researcher interested in studying the Kichwa Pastaza people and their ways—our team can help you translate your surveys into clear, concise Kichwa Pastaza. Or perhaps you love the traditional tales of the Kichwa people in Pastaza—our team can hep you translate them into English so you can share this cultural joy with people from other places. Another great use case for our Kichwa Pastaza translation services is converting English-language media such as books, apps, or games into Kichwa Pastaza, which helps ensure the language remains alive and well.

Let us help you with your Kichwa Pastaza translation needs—whatever they may be! Take the initiative today by sending us a message.


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