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Offering New Translation Services for Rinconada Bikol

Tagalog is the biggest native language in the Philippines, and the language is used widely in government, education, and media. But that certainly doesn’t mean that Tagalog is the main language of the Philippines. In fact, more than 180 indigenous languages are spread out all across the Southeast Asian country, with many claiming sizable and vigorous communities of speakers. While speakers of minority languages typically learn the national and regional lingua francas to communicate with those outside their community, at home, they often use their native language, such as Rinconada Bikol.

For around 230,000 people in the central Philippines, Rinconada Bikol is their first language. While this may not sound like many people compared to bigger languages like the Philippines, like Tagalog or Cebuano, it’s still far more people than you could ever realistically meet in your lifetime. Despite its hundreds of thousands of speakers, however, Riconada is poorly recognized and documented and is under threat from Tagalog, as Rinconada Bikol youth are increasingly exposed to the national lingua franca. But at, we’re proud to support minority languages like Rinconada Bikol with our tailored translation services.

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Rinconada Bikol: discovering a vibrant but endangered Philippine language

The search for Rinconada Bikol speakers takes us to the central Philippines, specifically the Bicol Region of the island of Luzon. The Bikol subfamily of the broader Austronesian language family encompasses a great number of distinct languages, with Rinconada Bikol belonging to the Inland Bikol branch of the subfamily. Rinconada Bikol is specifically spoken in Camarines Sur, including in the city of Iriga, with speakers of other Bikol languages populating the surrounding areas. In particular, Rinconada Bikol is similar to the Albay Bikol languages, with 80 to 85% mutual intelligibility depending on the variant of Albay Bikol.

Rinconada Bikol has numerous grammatical features that render it difficult for native English speakers, including its complicated pronominal system. Rinconada Bikol (along with many other Austronesian languages) features two different forms of the pronoun “we,” used to distinguish whether the listener is included in the utterance. Then, there are multiple forms of each pronoun depending on the case. Another notable feature of Rinconada Bikol is its “angry register,” where ordinary words are replaced with “angry” variants. It takes a true professional to accurately translate nuances like the angry register to and from English—but since our Rinconada Bikol translators are native speakers, they can easily handle the task.

Bringing you the specific Rinconada Bikol translation services you need

We’ve gone all over Camarines Sur to find the best Rinconada Bikol translators we could and uniting them here on our elite team. Our translators are passionate about helping clients from all over the world, and from all walks of life, translate to and from Rinconada Bikol for whatever projects they may have. The passion of our translators is palpable, and their experience in all sorts of translation specialties is undeniable.

What kind of Rinconada Bikol translation project do you have for us? Would you like us to translate academic or educational content, perhaps aiding your research on Rinconada Bikol speakers or making educational materials for Rinconada Bikol children more accessible? Are you a business owner looking to establish a meaningful presence in Camarines Sur and want to build rapport by engaging with your customers in Rinconada Bikol? Are you a language activist who’d like to translate books, poems, videos, movies, games, and other entertainment content into Rinconada Bikol to boost the profile of the language and help it flourish in the 21st century? Our team can help all these clients and more. We even hire subject-matter experts in different fields who can navigate technical language in translation projects.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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