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It’s Now Possible for Us to Offer Translation Services for Gwere

In terms of geographical area, Uganda is on the smaller end of African countries, smaller than most other countries spanning the massive continent. In terms of population, however, Uganda is one of Africa’s biggest players, boasting an impressive 45 million people within its 241,000 square kilometers. If we look closer at Uganda’s population, the country’s remarkable diversity becomes clear, with a whopping 70-odd distinct languages shared between Uganda’s dozens of ethnic groups. The country even uses two lingua francas: English in the predominantly Bantu-speaking south and Swahili in the predominantly Nilotic north.

Among Uganda’s more than 70 languages, we find Gwere, or Lugwere, which is the native language of around 410,000 Ugandans. Specifically, Gwere is spoken by the ethnic Bagwere people of eastern Uganda. The language bears a close resemblance to neighboring Soga, with 3 million speakers, and Ganda, boasting more than 11 million speakers. Gwere’s larger neighbors have a tendency to overshadow this related but unique language, which is one of the factors that leads to the scarcity of translation services available for Gwere. Here at, we do have translation teams for Soga and Ganda, but we haven’t neglected Gwere: we’re proud to present our Gwere translation team today.

Anyone interested in Gwere translation services may like to see a free quote—we invite you to reach out and ask about one!

What would you like to know about Gwere?

You’ll find the Bagwere people, and consequently speakers of Gwere, in southeastern Uganda, specifically in the districts of Budaka, Pallisa, Kibuku, and Butebo. In fact, the Gwere people form the majority in these districts, making Gwere an important language in the area. Gwere speakers are surrounded by similar ethnic groups speaking closely related Bantu languages, such as Soga or Ganda, as well as Ruli, which is notable in that the lexicon is almost identical but the pronunciation is considerably different.

Bantu languages dominate the southern portion of Uganda, and indeed, Gwere is a member of this huge language family. As a Bantu language, Gwere features a noun class system that you can think of as an extended version of the grammatical gender system found in many European languages. In Gwere, nouns are classified among several noun classes, and each class has its own prefix or particle. The class prefix is attached not only to the noun itself but also to verbs, adjectives, demonstratives, and other words that refer to the noun, making the relation between the noun and any modifiers blindingly clear—at the expensive of grammatical complexity.

We can navigate Gwere’s complicated noun class system to deliver high-quality translations.

If you’re concerned about the complications of Gwere grammar, don’t be. We’ve hired the best Gwere translators from all across Uganda, and as native speakers, our translators can seamlessly navigate the grammatical challenges Gwere presents. They’re passionate about not only helping their fellow Bagwere people communicate with the outside world but also helping clients from around the world connect with Gwere speakers in southeastern Uganda. In this vein, we’re proud to offer translation both to and from Gwere, catering to whatever translation needs you may have.

Our Gwere translation services extend across many types of translation—from business and academia to literature and localization. That’s right: thanks to the diverse specialties among our translators, we can translate your business plans, white papers, ad copy, academic journal articles, research questionnaires, books, poems, apps, games, websites, and more to or from Gwere. We also cater to technical material from a wide array of fields, since many of our translators are experts in additional domains. Just let us know what field your text deals with. Essentially, we’re here to translate any content you may have, regardless of the medium and subject matter, to or from Gwere.

Would you like to get started with your Gwere translation project? It’s easy—just get in contact with us and tell us what you’re looking for!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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