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Introducing Our New Lampung Translation Services, Available to All

Did you know that more than 700 languages are native to the thousands of islands that make up the Southeast Asian nation of Indonesia? That makes Indonesia the country with the second-biggest number of languages (number one is neighboring Papua New Guinea). Indonesian is designated as the national-level lingua franca, learned by most of the population and used widely in education, government, and media. But at home and in the local community, people tend to speak a wide variety of minority languages, one of which is Lampung.

Boasting an impressive 1.5 million native speakers, Lampung stands out as one of the biggest languages in Indonesia. Despite its size, however, it remains a minority language in the region it’s spoken, having to contend with bigger languages like Indonesian and Javanese. This puts Lampung in “endangered” status and has prompted local governments to initiate the teaching of the native Lampung script in grade schools. Access to Lampung translation services can also be an issue, and that’s where we at come in, proudly presenting our new Lampung translation team.

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Lampung: a minority language in its own province

Lampung is native to the province of Lampung—but even though the province is named after the Lampung people, Lampung remains a minority language in the region. Lampung’s close proximity to western Java, where Indonesian and Javanese influence are heavy, have strengthened the pressures these major languages place on the smaller Lampung language. Lampung is divided into three main dialects—Lampung Api, Lampung Nyo, and Komering—although Komering is sometimes considered a separate language.

Lampung is a member of the Austronesian language family, as are most of the languages spoken in Indonesia. Like Indonesian and many other western Indonesian languages, Lampung uses a default word order of subject-verb-object, with adjectives and demonstratives (words like “this” or “that”) coming after the noun. Reduplication is also common, with full reduplication of adjectives increasing the intensity and partial reduplication softening the meaning. Full reduplication of verbs indicates that the action is prolonged or ongoing. In pronouns, Lampung includes a clusivity distinction in the first person, meaning the language has a specific word for “you and I” and another for “I and other people but not you.” For each pronoun, there’s a formal and informal version, whose use is determined by the ages and social statuses of the interlocuters. It should come as no surprise that translating Lampung is a challenge—but it’s one that our native-speaking translators are prepared for.

We want to help everyone access Lampung translation services

Whoever you are, whatever your project, wherever you’re located—our Lampung translation team is here to help you. With native-speaking translators sourced from all across Lampung, South Sumatra, and beyond, we help connect you with the top translation talent in the Lampung-speaking world. Our translation team covers all major dialects of Lampung—Lampung Api, Lampung Nyo, and Komering—and we translate both into and from Lampung, making Lampung translation services available to a diverse range of clients.

Our passionate Lampung translators are well versed in various types of translation. We proudly offer Lampung translation services for academics, businesspeople, authors, and countless others, translating all sorts of documents: journal articles, research surveys, business plans, financial reports, white papers, press releases, novels, poems, short stories, blog posts, apps, games, and lots more. What if your text contains esoteric language? No problem! Our well-rounded Lampung translation team features experts in various disciplines, so if you need a translator who understands your field well, simply let us know!

Are you ready for great Lampung translation services? Send us a message today to get started with your Lampung translation journey!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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