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Javanese to English Translation Services


Javanese is spoken by around 82 million people, but they’re almost all concentrated in Indonesia and particularly the island of Java. So, if you’re seeking an international presence, Javanese won’t cut it.


One of the best ways to secure your place in the market all around the world is to target the English-speaking world. With 1.5 billion English speakers worldwide already and most computer programming being written in English, we can safely assume that English will retain its global language status for years to come. And businesses that make themselves available to this English-speaking population will have more staying power, as well.


Get a Javanese to English translation quote.

If you’re considering investing in a Javanese to English translation service, your best bet is to hire professional human translators. At, we save you the trouble of sifting through amateur translators and inaccurate automated translation tools—machine translation has its uses, but not if you're looking for quality. Our highly proficient Javanese to English translators can tackle all of your business translation needs, from business proposals and feasibility studies to product labels and websites. And it doesn’t matter what sector or industry your business is in—our knowledgeable translation team has subject matter expertise in 400+ fields.


Aside from business and technical translation solutions, we also provide translation support to clients in the following areas:


  • Academia. We help Javanese-speaking professors and graduate students, such as those at Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Mercu Buana, and Institut Teknologi Bandung. We translate Javanese papers in all areas of study, from humanities and arts to economics and sciences. Request a free quote today.


  • Literature. Nonfiction and fiction writers also receive invaluable support from our English translators, who render Javanese texts into beautiful English prose or poetry. Comedy, romance, history, and adventure are some of the many genres we handle.


  • Tourism. Because of its great culture and scenic spots, millions of tourists travel to Indonesia every year. In 2016 alone, 12 million foreign tourists visited the country. To help tour operators attract even more clients, we make their travel information and websites user-friendly for English-speaking guests.


  • Job searches. We also provide support to clients who wish to secure posts in companies where business is conducted primarily in English. We assist Javanese speakers in translating their resumes and cover letters into fluent US or UK English.


Does your project entail industry-related jargon, academic terminology, or beautiful prose? Don’t worry. Our professional translators are equipped to complete it.


Whether you’re living in Jakarta, Manado, Bandung, Bogor, Semarang, Surabaya, or Serang, we can help you. Our Javanese to English translation services are available worldwide 24/7. Request a free quote today. We offer competitive rates, and you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by how fast we can finish your project.

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