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Here Are Our New Translation Services for Kichwa Chimborazo

Nestled between South American giants Colombia and Peru, Ecuador tends to be overlooked on the international stage—but this small South American country with more than 18 million residents is a vibrant land with incredible diversity not only in its native flora and fauna but also in its people. Despite only covering a land area of 256,000 square kilometers, making it one of the smallest countries on the continent, Ecuador is home to several disparate indigenous ethnolinguistic groups, with many still speaking their ancestral language. The biggest is Kichwa, which comes in several dialects, with Kichwa Chimborazo claiming the most speakers.

With an estimated 1 million native speakers, Chimborazo is by far the largest dialect of Kichwa, with Kichwa Imbabura and Kichwa Cañar–Loja trailing behind with 300,000 and 200,000 speakers, respectively. Kichwa Chimborazo is spoken in Ecuador’s Chimborazo Province, located in the central Ecuadorian Andes, and indigenous peoples, many of them Kichwa, account for almost 40% of the province’s ethnic makeup. This means Kichwa Chimborazo is an important language in the region, although Spanish remains the predominant language all over Ecuador. Thus, few translation companies cover Kichwa, let alone the specific dialect of Kichwa Chimborazo.

But we at are passionate about minority languages, which is why we’ve built a dedicated team for Kichwa Chimborazo translation services. To see a free quote, simply message us!

Understanding the background of Kichwa Chimborazo

Kichwa is the most widely spoken indigenous language in Ecuador, hailing from the expansive Quechuan language family that spans across the Andean Highlands in northwestern South America. Around 7 million people in total speak a Quechuan language natively, and though Southern Quechua claims the majority, Kichwa remains a major language of great cultural importance to Ecuador. Kichwa dialects tend to be less grammatically complex than their Southern Quechuan counterparts, likely due to contact with the indigenous pre-Inca languages of Ecuador.

However, that doesn’t mean Kichwa Chimborazo and the other Kichwa dialects are grammatically simple. Quite the opposite—with numerous noun cases and abundant morphological inflection, Kichwa Chimborazo is still complex enough to make an English speaker’s head spin. Some key differences from English include Kichwa Chimborazo’s multiple words for “we”—one includes the addressee, and the other doesn’t—as well as evidentiality markers, which encode whether the speaker learned the information they’re providing through personal experience, hearsay, or conjecture. These differences can complicate translation efforts, so it’s important to rely on experienced Kichwa Chimborazo translators.

Our Kichwa Chimborazo translation team is passionate about breaking down language barriers.

Kichwa is still an important language in Ecuador’s province of Chimborazo, even if Spanish is Ecuador’s only official language and Kichwa is overlooked by the global community. At, we see the value that Kichwa and its many dialects, including Kichwa Chimborazo, inherently hold, and we’re proud to offer translation services that cater to a diverse array of clients who may need Kichwa translation services, whether they want to translate into Kichwa Chimborazo or from the prominent Kichwa dialect.

What kind of Kichwa Chimborazo translation project do you have for us? Having amassed experience in a wide range of translation projects, our translators are equipped to help clients from the business world, academic circles, the literary sphere, and beyond. If you want your marketing collateral converted into seamless Kichwa Chimborazo to show the locals your dedication to their province, we can help. Or, if you love the traditional tales of the Kichwa Chimborazo people and wish to share them abroad, we can carefully translate the stories into flowing English. If you’re really passionate about Kichwa Chimborazo and looking to increase content in the language, we’d be happy to translate books, poems, games, apps, websites, and more into the dialect, giving speakers more ways to enjoy their language and learners more ways to acquire it. Essentially, our team makes all kinds of Kichwa Chimborazo translation services accessible.

Would you like to get started with Kichwa Chimborazo translation services? Why not launch the journey today by sending us a message?


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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