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Announcing the Launch of Our Bangka Malay Translation Services

Malay is the biggest language in the Austronesian language family, with two main standardized forms: Malaysian and Indonesian. Malaysian constitutes the national language of Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, whereas Indonesian is, of course, the national language and lingua franca of Indonesia. But all throughout Maritime Southeast Asia, you’ll find more languages with “Malay” in their name—such as Bangka Malay. While these languages are closely related to the main Malay language, they are nonetheless separate languages.

Roughly 340,000 people in Indonesia speak Bangka Malay as their native language. Spoken on its own little island, Bangka Malay is known for being distinct from other Malay languages in its vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation alike. The Lom dialect of the language in particular is distinct, with the community even refusing Islam, the dominant religion across most of Indonesia. However, even though the language is quite different from other Malay languages, it’s not easy to track down translation services for the language. That’s where our new Bangka Malay translation team here at comes in, ready to help you with all your Bangka Malay translation needs.

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Bangka Malay: exploring a unique Malay language

Let’s first zoom in on where Bangka Malay is spoken. The unique Malay language is native to the island of Bangka, the largest island in the province of Bangka Belitung Islands and the ninth-largest island in all of Indonesia. Given that Bangka has a population of more than 1.4 million, clearly not everyone on the island speaks Bangka Malay, but the language still maintains a strong presence in the region and is sometimes even used by the island’s Chinese communities. Several dialects of Bangka Malay stretch across the island, including Mentok, Belinyu, Sungailiat, Koba, Toboali, and the divergent dialect of Lom.

When it comes to grammar, Bangka Malay is similar to other Malay languages, such as Indonesian and Betawi. The basic word order is subject-verb-object, and inflection on nouns is minimal, with the language even generally lacking plural forms. Verbs undergo more inflection, but tense and aspect are not marked on verbs—instead, verbal inflection indicates things like whether the actor or the patient is the focus of the sentence. In pronouns, Bangka Malay has multiple words for “we”—one that indicates that the listener is included, and one that explicitly excludes them. Features like this mean Bangka Malay sometimes expresses more nuance than English, which can render the translation process tricky. Luckily, we hire native speakers of Bangka Malay for our translation team, so you don’t need to worry.

Bangka Malay translation services for your specific project

Our search for the best Bangka Malay translation talent has taken us all across the great island of Bangka, where we’ve recruited native speakers of the various dialects of Bangka Malay, including Mentok, Belinyu, Sungailiat, Koba, Toboali, and Lom. So, if you’re working with a specific dialect of Bangka Malay, you need only notify us—we’ll set you up with the right translator. Depending on your needs, we’ll also match you with a translator who specializes in translation to Bangka Malay or from Bangka Malay, as we offer translation in both directions.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about other special requests, either. For example, if you need specialized translation services in the academic realm, the business world, or the literary sphere, we can help, since our team consists of seasoned experts with experience in wide-ranging areas of the translation profession. Given that many of our translators also have expertise in different disciplines, we can often also accommodate requests for a translator with knowledge in a specific field, should that be relevant to your project.

We’d love to help you with your Bangka Malay translation project. Why not reach out and place an order now?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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