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A New Translation Services Offering: Our Chiapas Zoque Team

Most people have no idea just how linguistically diverse Mexico is. Spanish overshadows all other languages in the Central American country, spoken by the vast majority of the population as a native language. But in fact, all throughout the country, you’ll find hundreds of indigenous languages still spoken vigorously today, hailing from a number of different language families, including Uto–Aztecan, Mayan, Oto–Manguean, and Mixe–Zoque. It’s the latter that we’re zooming in on today with our new Chiapas Zoque translation services.

The total number of Chiapas Zoque native speakers is estimated at 30,000 to 35,000, and unfortunately, the number is decreasing as Chiapas Zoque youth increasingly shift to Spanish. Indeed, the prestige and ubiquity of Spanish presents a threat to most indigenous languages in the country. However, the Zoque people are passionate about their language and are undertaking measures to preserve their language and culture, which has helped mitigate the decline. At, we’d like to contribute with our very own dedicated Chiapas Zoque translation services.

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Want to know a bit more about Chiapas Zoque?

It’s not hard to guess where Chiapas Zoque is spoken—in the Mexican state of Chiapas, of course! You’ll find speakers of the language in the western portion of the state, particularly in the towns of Tapalapa and Ocotepec, where 90% of residents speak the language, and Pantepec, where around 50% of inhabitants are Chiapas Zoque speakers. There are three key varieties of Chiapas Zoque, namely Francisco Léon Zoque (20,000 speakers), Copainalá Zoque (10,000 speakers), and Rayón Zoque (2,000 speakers). Together with the other Zoquean languages, Chiapas Zoque falls into the “Zoque” half of the Mixe–Zoque language family.

Taking a look at Chiapas Zoque’s grammar, we see that it demonstrates a basic word order of verb-object-subject, which is found in only 3% of the world’s languages. Chiapas Zoque has no grammatical gender, but it does have two cases, which it marks on the noun with suffixes. Verbs in the language are marked for tense and aspect as well as both the subject and object, with each combination of subject and object pronouns fused into a different affix that’s appended to the verb. Even counting in Chiapas Zoque is complicated, since the language relies on a vigesimal (base-20) counting system. Your best bet for navigating the complex world of Chiapas Zoque translation is to work with native-speaking translators like our team members.

We adapt our Chiapas Zoque translation services to fit your specifications.

There are many factors that go into producing a high-quality Chiapas Zoque translation. We need experienced, native-speaking translators who leverage their deep knowledge and passion for the language to help clients from around Mexico and the world. We make sure our translators represent the different varieties of Chiapas Zoque—Francisco Léon Zoque, Copainalá Zoque, and Rayón Zoque—and are capable of translating both to and from the language. This way, you can access whatever translation services you may need.

Another way we ensure quality and flexibility in our Chiapas Zoque translation services is by hiring translators who have experience in different areas of translation, including academic translation, business translation, and literary translation. These specialty areas require specialized expertise, but we’ve done our best to gather Chiapas Zoque translators who can seamlessly accommodate your requests whether you’re a researcher, professor, student, CEO, entrepreneur, business executive, public speaker, blogger, novelist, author, software developer, journalist, language activist, or anyone else who may need Chiapas Zoque translation services.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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