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English to Hungarian Translation Services


Using poorly translated journal articles or business documents is a risk too big to take, as incorrect translations can lead to misunderstandings and affect perceptions of your academic work or business.


When translating important documents, accuracy is crucial, and this is one of the reasons why clients trust to complete their projects. Our respected English to Hungarian translation services cover all types of material.


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A closer look at English to Hungarian translation


About 13 million people in Hungary speak its official language, Hungarian, as do a number of people living in Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. English to Hungarian translation can pave the way for your business to reach these many people.


Hungarian is notoriously difficult to translate, and one of the challenges is maintaining verb tense. English expresses tense by adding a suffix to the verb. For example, “walk” becomes “walked” in the past tense. However, verb tense in Hungarian is vastly more complicated. Machine translation can handle simpler tasks that don't require a lot of finesse, but if you need accuracy and quality in your Hungarian translation, you have to work with a human translator. We may use automated translation tools to help with our work, but we always make sure our human translators meticulously pore over the results to ensure precision.


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Why choose


  • Specialized translators. To ensure accuracy, translation of documents from complex fields should be performed only by experienced translators. Our team has extensive knowledge of various fields, meaning we assign each project to a translator well versed in its technical terms and jargon.


  • Quality control. To eliminate mistakes or errors in your document, performs proofreading and various methods of quality control on all translated text.


  • Fast delivery. To ensure you receive your documents on time, we have project managers to oversee the completion of each order.


Whether you’re in Budapest, Debrecen, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Diego, or elsewhere in the world, can translate any type of document for you.


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