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English to Aymara Translation Services


Aymara (also spelled Aimara) is the third-most widely spoken indigenous language in South America after Southern Quechua and Guarani. With about 1.5 million speakers throughout the Andes and Altiplano regions of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, it’s also the most widely spoken language in the Aymaran language family. Most speakers live in Bolivia, where Aymara is the primary and preferred language for about 20% of the population. Given Aymara’s prominent status, working with an English to Aymara translation service allows you to engage Aymara speakers much better than with a Spanish translation.


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Because of Aymara’s unique grammatical and semantic features, it remains a difficult language for inexperienced translators. For instance, the language has an elaborate system of nominalizers and verbalizers, meaning any word can change its role in a sentence from a verb to a noun or vice versa. Semantically, Aymara also expresses certain concepts in ways that may feel counterintuitive to English speakers. For example, when discussing time, the future is treated as something “behind” or “after” the speaker, while the past is “ahead” or “in front of.” Thankfully, our team can take all of these features into account to provide you with a top-quality Aymara translation.


Materials We Translate into Aymara


  • Websites. Usually, Aymara speakers interact with Spanish-language web content. Make your internet presence stand out with Aymara translations for web advertisements, e-commerce sites, customer reviews, blogs, informational websites, and more.

  • Surveys. We provide survey translations for businesses, government agencies, academics, and more.


Whether you want to engage with people in Puno, La Paz, Potosí, Oruro, or somewhere else, is prepared to assist you. With our high-quality English to Aymara translation services, your message will reach your target audience as you intend.


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