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We’ve Just Incorporated Sisaala Translation Services into Our Repertoire

It’s hard to keep track of all the languages spoken in West Africa. Hundreds of unique languages populate the region, and though most come from the same language family, the languages of West Africa occupy several different branches of the expansive Niger–Congo family. Of course, the countries of the region need to designate a lingua franca for administrative and governmental purposes and to allow the disparate peoples of the land to communicate with their compatriots, and in West Africa, most countries use English or French as this common language. But most West Africans speak their local, indigenous language first.

One of these West African indigenous languages is Sisaala (or Sissala), which is spoken by some 180,000 people. Like many languages in Africa, the language transcends national borders, a result of Western powers’ disregard of the local ethnic composition when drawing up national boundaries. As such, Sisaala speakers can be found in both northern Ghana, specifically in the Northern Region, Upper East Region, and Upper West Region, as well as in Burkina Faso’s Sissili Province, named after the Sisaala people, and Iabo Province. Unfortunately, though, it’s rare to find a translation service willing to cover a minority African language like Sisaala—that is, except for, of course.

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A closer look at Sisaala

Sisaala is comprised of multiple dialects, the most prominent being Tumulung Sisaala (or Eastern Sisaala), which is centered around the Ghanaian city of Tumu, the traditional capital of the Sisaala people. Lambishi Sisaala (or Western Sisaala) is also spoken in Tumu and other areas to its west. Paasaal (or Southern Sisaala) is spoken in the areas between Tumu and Lambussie, and Burkina Sisaala (or Northern Sisaala) is the variant used in Burkina Faso.

Sisaala comes from the Gur branch of the Niger–Congo language family, a subfamily concentrated in and around Burkina Faso and the northern portions of Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Sisaala is a tonal language, like most other languages in the Niger–Congo macrofamily, but its noun class system is dramatically simplified compared to the expansive system used in Bantu languages. Sisaala divides nouns into four classes, with three marked by suffixes and one by doubling the consonants or vowels in the word—though two of these classes are only marked in the plural.

Trust us for the best Sisaala translation services on the web.

If you want Sisaala translation services with quality you can trust, you’ve found the right team. Our Sisaala translators are seasoned experts with diverse experience in various types of translation jobs, making them well suited to tackle your Sisaala translation project—whatever it may be. Our translators are also passionate native Sisaala speakers hailing from all around northern Ghana and southern Burkina Faso, and they derive great joy from helping clients overcome the language barrier, whether that means translating into or translating from Sisaala.

Since our translators have experience working on all sorts of translation projects, we can confidently handle just about any document you may want translated to or from Sisaala. Whether you run a blossoming startup in Ghana or Burkina Faso and want to take operations abroad or are looking to share the beautiful and rich traditional stories of the Sisaala people with an outside audience, our Sisaala team can seamlessly translate your Sisaala-language texts into English. Similarly, whether you’re an international researcher who needs your questionnaires converted to Sisaala to work with locals or a language activist eager to translate literature and digital media into Sisaala to further legitimize the language and encourage its continued growth, our Sisaala translators are always happy to help.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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