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We’ve Just Formed a Professional Team for Ebira Translation Services

Even though Africa spans more than 30 million square kilometers, making it three times the geographical size of Europe, many people outside of the massive continent don’t know too much about it. Many people could only name a few countries on the continent, unable to identify most of the 50+ African countries that make up the world’s second-biggest continent. But one African country that almost everyone knows is Nigeria. This prominent West African nation is the most populated country in Africa, and it’s the most diverse, too, with its population of over 225 million speaking more than 500 languages among themselves.

One of the many languages we find in Nigeria is Ebira, which is spoken by more than one million people. While that barely makes a dent in Nigeria’s population of more than 225 million, Ebira is far bigger and more influential than most of Nigeria’s 500+ languages—in fact, it’s within the top 10 most widely spoken native languages in the country. Unfortunately, however, Ebira is overshadowed by other, larger indigenous languages spoken around it, such as Yoruba, Nupe, and Edo, which has resulted in a scarcity of translation services for the language. We here at are here to change that with our dedicated Ebira translation team.

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Would you like to know more about Ebira?

Ebira, which is alternatively referred to by some as Igbira, Egbura, or Okene, is spoken in the northern central region of Nigeria. More specifically, most Ebira speakers are concentrated in the central areas of Kogi State, as well as Toto in Nasarawa State, Igarra in Edo State, and Abaji in the Federal Capital Territory. In addition, pockets of Ebira speakers may reside in parts of Niger State, Benue State, Kwara State, and Ondo State.

Nearly every language indigenous to West Africa comes from the Niger–Congo language family, and Ebira is no exception. To be precise, Ebira is a Nupoid language from the Volta–Niger branch of the family, but it’s famous as the most divergent Nupoid language, with significant differences from relatives such as Nupe. Ebira uses a subject-verb-object word order—typical for Niger–Congo languages—and displays minimal inflection, preferring particles to express grammatical meaning. Tense markers may even be omitted if unnecessary, with the distinction between the past tense and habitual present tense determined only through context.

Our dedication to high-quality Ebira translation services

It’s important to us that people from all across Nigeria—and all around the world—have access to high-quality, reliable Ebira translation services. We’ve gone to great lengths to build an Ebira translation team that encompasses our values of quality, accuracy, flexibility, and passion, always striving to deliver the best translations they can. We offer our translation services both to Ebira and from Ebira, so whether you’re an Ebira-speaking local in northern central Nigeria who wants to broadcast a message to the wider world or a resident of the international community who wants to get closer with Ebira speakers in Nigeria, we can help you.

In our quest to provide highly flexible Ebira translation services, we’ve made sure to hire translators from all across the Ebira-speaking area, hitting every Nigerian state that boasts a considerable Ebira presence. This way, we cover all Ebira dialects, including the Tao and Koto dialects. We’ve also focused on the supplementary fields that our translators are engaged in to ensure that we can translate esoteric material in various disciplines. So, whether you need Ebira translation services for business content like financial reports, contracts, ad copy, or releases; academic materials like theses, research surveys, or pedagogical content for children; or literary or creative content like novels, poems, websites, apps, or games, you can count on our diverse and flexible Ebira translation team.

Providing you with high-quality Ebira translation services is our main mission. Send us a message today to set the process in motion.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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