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We Proudly Present Our Edo Translation Services

Most people aren’t aware that Nigeria is one of the most linguistically diverse countries on the planet. Indeed, with more than 520 languages, it comes in third place, trailing after Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. The diverse ethnolinguistic groups in Nigeria generally speak their own language natively and learn other languages—including English, the national lingua franca—to communicate with compatriots. Nigeria’s biggest languages are Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, and Fula, with Edo falling within the top 15.

More than 2.5 million people in southern Nigeria speak Edo as a native language, with many more speaking Edo as a second language. Edo is the largest language in Edo State, where it’s spoken by most of the population. Given Edo’s relatively privileged status within Nigeria, it’s not in immediate danger, but African languages tend to be overlooked on the world stage, and Edo is no exception. Translation services for Edo are hard to come by, but we at don’t think it should be like that. That’s why we’re here to proudly present our Edo translation team. If you need high-quality Edo translation services, we’re here for you.

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Discovering what kind of language Edo is

Edo is the native language of the Edo people, who call Edo State in southern Nigeria home. It was the language of the historical Benin Kingdom, which bears no relation to modern-day Benin, as well as the kingdom’s predecessor, Igodomigodo, throwing Edo’s history all the way back to 40 BC. Edo is a member of the Niger–Congo language family, which accounts for the majority of languages in Africa. More specifically, it’s on the Edoid branch, named after Edo because it’s the most widely spoken Edoid language.

Edo, like many of its neighboring languages, is a tonal tongue. The default word order is subject-verb-object—just like in English—although this can change when other constituents are placed at the beginning for emphasis. Edo verbs can be tricky—they’re divided into three tenses and several aspects, which can express desire, ongoing actions, or that an action is about to begin, among other information. Edo also features three degrees of past tense—adding one of three particles can communicate whether the action took place earlier in the same day, the previous day, or in the more distant past.

Our Edo translators are passionate about bringing you high-quality Edo translations.

Does Edo sound hard? Don’t worry—it’s easy for our native Edo-speaking translators! Our translators, who come from all over Edo State and elsewhere in Nigeria, are passionate about translating between Edo and English to help bridge the language barrier. Want to share Edo-language works with the world and showcase this beautiful culture? Let us help—from historical documents and traditional folklore to contemporary business materials or literature, we’ll turn your Edo into flowing English for international consumption.

Perhaps you’re looking to connect with Edo speakers instead. We have you covered—whether you want Edo-language business texts to break into a new market, educational materials that open opportunities for Edo-speaking youth, or books, poems, apps, websites, and games in Edo that allow Edo speakers to relax and have fun in their own language. We guarantee smooth, clear Edo, no matter your project.

Let’s get started with Edo translation services today! Send us a message to discuss your Edo translation needs.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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