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We Now Have a Team That Provides Pemon Translation Services

When European colonists arrived at the shores of South America, the continent changed forever. Already home to hundreds, if not thousands, of disparate ethnolinguistic groups with their own cultures and languages, developed over thousands of years, the continent was suddenly supplanted with a European way of life, which included the introduction of European languages like Spanish and Portuguese. While these two languages constitute the native language of the vast majority of South Americans today, many indigenous languages still persist—and Pemon is one of them.

The exact number of Pemon speakers is difficult to ascertain, with estimates ranging from 6,000 to 30,000. The 2001 Venezuelan census identified around 15,000 people as speaking the language, although smaller numbers of speakers also exist outside of Venezuela. As one of the bigger Amerindian languages, Pemon has a more stable future than many other indigenous languages across the continent, and local radio stations broadcast programming in the language. But still, Spanish poses a substantial threat to Pemon. At, we proudly present our new translation team for Pemon translation services to support the language.

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Pemon: one of the biggest indigenous languages of Venezuela

Pemon is primarily native to the Gran Sabana region of the Bolívar state of Venezuela, where it constitutes one of the biggest indigenous languages in the country, alongside Wayuu and Warao. More than 30,000 ethnically Pemon people reside in Venezuela, and hundreds more live in neighboring Guyana and Brazil, spreading the language across national borders. Pemon comprises a few different dialects, most notably Arecuna, Camaracota, and Taurepan. It’s classified as a member of the Cariban language family and is, in fact, the largest member of said family.

Pemon’s default word order is subject-object-verb, which is the most common word order, accounting for around 45% of languages, but an object-verb-subject order—the second-rarest, found in only 1% of languages—is also possible. Pemon is also an ergative language, which, in this case, means intransitive subjects and transitive objects are unmarked, while transitive subjects are marked. Plurals get tricky in Pemon as well, with one suffix for animate nouns and various others for inanimate nouns. So, if you want top-notch Pemon translation services, you’ll have to work with a native-speaking translator—and our team is full of them.

Pemon translation services tailored for any occasion

If you’re looking for high-quality Pemon services, we have you covered. We’ve hired the best translators we could find from all across Venezuela’s state of Bolívar, Brazil’s state of Roraima, and along the Venezuelan border in Guyana. Our Pemon translators are proud native speakers eager to help establish a stronger connection between the Pemon people and the rest of the world, offering pinpoint translation services both to and from Pemon.

Our Pemon translation team is diverse, as we’ve tried to hire specialists in different areas of translation, to the best of our ability. That means we can offer academic translation services, ideal for researchers who need Pemon translation for research questionnaires or interview transcripts or educators who want to translate learning content into Pemon for local children. For businesses, we proudly offer translation services for everything from business proposals and financial reports to press releases and ad copy, helping organizations better connect with local Pemon speakers. We can also provide literary translation services, whether that means translating Pemon-language tales into English to share with people from outside the culture or translating English-language media such as books, poems, games, and apps into Pemon to broaden the body of literature in Pemon and help support this important indigenous language.

We’d love to help you with your Pemon translation project. Why not reach out and place an order today?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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